A new solution-focused well-being service for cancer patients

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The selection of health and well-being services provided by Docrates Cancer Center is expanding. The solution-focused health and well-being service provides individual psychosocial support for holistic well-being and psychosocial support for cancer patients and their loved ones at all stages of the disease.

The solution-focused well-being service offers a variety of customised tools for supporting the patient’s well-being and rehabilitation. Methods used during the appointment include:

  • solution-focused brief therapy,
  • coaching, meditation,
  • various relaxation and mindfulness exercises, and
  • trauma relief methods.

– Meeting patients and their loved ones holistically, taking into account the needs of the body, mind and soul plays a central role in the new well-being service. The appointments emphasise respect for individuality, openness and meeting the patients and their loved ones on their own terms, based on their needs, says Satu Karjalainen-Klaver, Oncology Nurse and Solution-Focused Brief Therapist at Docrates Cancer Center.

The new service supports the patient’s rehabilitation, offering a possibility to discuss cancer related topics with an experienced oncology nurse. Some of the most common issues that can be discussed are fatigue, fear, anxiety, insomnia, lack of energy, emptiness after treatment, spiritual growth, and returning to work and everyday life.

The well-being service can be provided in person at the hospital, as a remote appointment, or alternatively as a walking meeting in the hospital’s immediate surroundings.


Meet Satu Karjalainen-Klaver from Docrates, experienced oncology nurse, solution-focused brief therapist and meditation teacher.

– It is important for us in Docrates, that we can provide a wide range of rehabilitation and wellness services for cancer patients and their families before, during and after treatments. To maintain an optimal quality of life, a holistic approach addressing all aspects of the cancer patient’s health and well-being is essential, tells Heli Littunen, Service Director from Docrates Cancer Center.

Docrates provides health and well-being services at the different stages of the cancer treatment path, such as physiotherapy, urotherapy, sexual counselling, psychological support and home nursing.

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