Diagnosing prostate cancer

Docrates is as the first hospital in the Nordics launching a new 4Kscore bloodtest for a more specific assessment  of the risk for getting prostate cancer.

High PSA levels indicate a problem in the prostate and when cancer is suspected, a biopsy is taken to assess the seriousness of the condition. PSA testing does not clearly distinguish between aggressive prostate cancer and less serious conditions.

What is the 4Kscore prostate cancer test?

The 4Kscore test can help reduce the number of biopsies by measuring a man’s risk of having aggressive prostate cancer. If that risk is low, a patient may, in consultation with his urologist or physician, decide not to have a prostate biopsy and avoid the associated pain and complications.

Why do the 4Kscore test?

  • Enhances the evaluation process by assigning aggressive prostate cancer risk for men with abnormal PSA values
  • Greater precision in predicting risk of aggressive cancer than PSA alone
  • Allows for improved decision making between physician and patient to develop personalized treatment plan
  • Assesses the risk of aggressive prostate cancer following an abnormal PSA
  • Early risk detection by predicting Gleason score 7 or higher prostate cancer:
    • Identifies the probability of having aggressive prostate cancer
    • Decreases prostate biopsies for men at low risk of aggressive prostate cancer
    • Prompts early intervention

Interpreting results

The results from 4Kscore test will indicate whether the patient’s risk of prostate cancer is at a  low  or a high level.  The test results will be analyzed by the patient’s own doctor  in combination with other clinical information. Based on this information, the doctor and the patient can together decide on the next steps.

4Kscore test is not indicated for men:

  • who are younger than 40 or older than 80 years
  • with a previous diagnosis of prostate cancer
  • who have used 5-alpha reductase medication within previous 6 months
  • who have had invasive prostate procedures within the last 6 months


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