Progressive robot‑assisted surgery

Surgery is a more strenuous form of treatment than radiotherapy. The possibility to perform surgery is always assessed on an individual basis according to the general condition of the patient. In planning surgery, we use a prostate MRI scan taken before biopsy to avoid any interferences in the interpretation of the images. MRI tumor staging and knowledge of other risk factors help the doctors and patient jointly decide to what extent erection nerves are spared and to assess the probability of adjunct radiotherapy. While surgery is an effective form of treatment, medium and high risk cancer patients benefit from it the most. Surgery is particularly recommended when the prostate has enlarged and the patient has urination symptoms.

Patients at Docrates Prostate Cancer Clinic have access to progressive Da Vinci robot‑assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (RALP) through our partners.

Robot‑assisted surgery combines the benefits of open and laparoscopic surgery. Patients who undergo robot‑assisted surgery recover faster than open surgery patients and have fewer adverse effects related to the operation. They usually also maintain a better ability to have an erection and better urinary continence.

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