Docrates Cancer Center to adopt a new prostate cancer test – STHLM3

For the first time in Finland, Docrates Cancer Center will adopt a sophisticated test for diagnosing prostate cancer

Docrates Cancer Center has agreed on cooperation with Karolinska sjukhuset in Sweden to adopt the Stockholm 3 (STHLM3) test that has been developed in Sweden. As a result, patients can have the test at Docrates Cancer Center either directly or after the PSA test.

STHLM3 is a blood test by means of which it is possible to assess the risk of prostate cancer better than with a mere PSA test and based on even lower PSA values (> 1 ng/ml), which reduces the number of prostate biopsies, i.e. tissue samples.  If the test result is negative, a tissue sample need not necessarily be taken even if PSA was elevated (>3 ng/ml).

The test combines information from five protein markers, more than a hundred genetic tracers and clinical data. The SHTLM3 test has been assessed in a survey of almost 60,000 Swedish men, and the results have been published in the Lancet Oncology magazine.

“With the STHLM3, it is possible to diagnose prostate cancers that could not be detected with the PSA test alone, if PSA is 1-3 ng/ml. The test reduces the number of tissue samples and, therefore, many men can avoid the harms that can be connected with taking a tissue sample from the prostate. The STHLM3 test also improves opportunities to find aggressive cancers. This type of test is welcome in supporting prostate cancer diagnosis,” says Martti Ala-Opas, Chief Urologist from Docrates.

STHLM3 gives a clear recommendation

To assess the risk of prostate cancer, the STHLM3 test can be performed as a primary examination or if PSA > 1. The test result indicates how elevated the risk of prostate cancer is by indicating on the prostate cancer risk scale whether the risk is reduced, normal or elevated, and issues a clear recommendation for further examinations and/or follow-up.


Additional information:

Tom Wiklund, Chief Clinical Director at Docrates Cancer Center,, +358 (0)50 500 1810.

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