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The coronavirus is a concern among cancer patients. We listed the most common concerns and the answers to them.

I am interested in coming to Docrates. Do you take new patients at the moment?

Yes, we are open and do accept new patients. Our health care team is vaccinated against coronavirus.

In order to protect our patients and to offer the best possible treatment also during the corona pandemic, we have adapted our safety practices. Our staff members have been vaccinated against coronavirus and they are trained to screen and control infectious diseases.

I am a patient at Docrates. Do I continue with my treatment plan or do I need to cancel my treatments?

It is important to continue your treatments as planned, unless your doctor instructs you otherwise. Various infections are always a risk to cancer patients, and your doctor is prepared to treat you accordingly.

An appointment with our oncologist can be arranged also via telephone or video, if preferred. If you wish to book a remote consultation, please be in contact with our Booking at +358 10 773 2010.

If you are a patient at Docrates and you have concerns related to coronavirus, you can discuss this with your doctor. It is important to continue diagnostics and treatments as planned. For more information please be in touch with our Booking.

Can I travel to Docrates for treatments?

It is important to ensure your treatments continue while also ensuring your safety from infections.  Please see also: ‘How to safeguard myself and my family members from the virus infection?

What do I need to know before my first appointment?

We have taken several precautions against the spread of the coronavirus infection.

Before your appointment we will ask you several questions in order to estimate your risk of having caught the virus.

If you have flu-like symptoms, such as a sore throat, coughing, sneezing or fever, do stay at home and if necessary be in touch with your care team via email or telephone. For protection of our patients and staff it is not allowed to come to the hospital if you have a flu or an active coronavirus.

We recommend all our patients to take the Covid-19 vaccines.

All visitors at Docrates must wear a FFP2 mask.

As a precaution we have updated our policy regarding family members in appointments; for now only one family member is allowed to come inside the hospital. Any family members travelling with you can wait outside the hospital (indoors).

If you have any questions please contact our friendly nurses tel +358 10 773 2010.

Countries that has travel restrictions with Finland, read more here:

How can I protect myself or my family members from a virus infection?

  • Maintain social distancing and stay at least 2 meters away from people when you have to leave home.
  • Wear a FFP2 mask
  • Stay especially far away from anyone with a cough, sneeze or fever.
  • Regular and thorough washing of hands with soap and water as well as desinfectant is important, especially
    • you are in touch with other people
    • before eating
    • before touching your face
    • after using the WC
    • when you arrive home

Anyone in touch with a cancer patient must ensure good hygiene:

  • Cover your mouth and nose when you are sneezing or coughing. Use a napkin or your sleeve.
  • Dispose of used napkins into a closed trash can immediately and wash your hands with soap and water, use disinfectant.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Clean and disinfect all surfaces you have touched.
  • Be very careful when using public transport or in a location with many people nearby.
  • Make sure any visitors you might have understand the risks of infecting a cancer patient. If your visitor has any symptoms such as fever, cough, sneezing, headache etc, please refrain from meeting with them.
  • Avoid all travel and limit contact with people who have been abroad in the last 10 days.

All kinds of infections are easily transmitted from one person to another in a home environment. It is important to take all precautions necessary to protect cancer patients from these infections. Beside cancer patients, this includes also

  • Anyone over 70.
  • Anyone with medical conditions such as heart or lung disease, diabetes, high blood pressure.
  • Anyone recently treated for cancer.

I am a cancer patient, can I go outside or meet my friends at home?

At the moment it is recommended that everyone, whether you are at high risk or not, stays at home as much as possible in order to decrease the risk of getting infected. It is a good idea for a cancer patient to avoid meeting anyone. If you have to go outside, follow the instructions to protect yourself.

If you have flu-like symptoms, such as a sore throat, coughing, sneezing or fever, do stay at home and if necessary be in touch with your care team. If you have an appointment at Docrates, please call ahead and tell us about your symptoms. We will instruct you further. Do not come to the hospital if you have any flu-like symptoms.

Do ask anyone visiting you to make sure they wash their hands regularly and avoid contacts with other people. If your visitors have flu-like symptoms, do not meet with them.

Always wear a (FFP2) mask in public transport and in other situations where avoiding close contact is not possible.

I am undergoing drug therapy / immuno-oncological treatments. Can I continue?

According to what we know now, there is no reason to delay drug or immuno-oncological treatments. Any decisions on the continuance of these treatments must be individually evaluated.

What happens with my treatments if I have flu-like symptoms and suspicions of a corona virus infection?

Getting infected may lead to delaying the start of your treatment. The situation must always be individually evaluated taking into consideration the cancer type, the treatments planned as well as the patient’s situation. You should never hide any symptoms.

If you have flu-like symptoms and have a treatment plan at Docrates, your treating oncologist will evaluate the situation and make a plan for the next steps.

How does Docrates make sure the patients are not infected?

In order to protect our patients and to offer the best possible treatment also during the corona pandemic, we have adapted our safety practices.

Our staff members have been vaccinated against coronavirus and they trained to screen and control infectious diseases.

We will screen every patient and anyone travelling with them in order to detect possible infections before coming to the hospital. In practice, this means we will ask you several questions when making an appointment.

Since the start of the pandemic, we have ensured proper hygiene by cleaning the facilities.

You are also asked to wear a FFP2 mask while at the hospital. Also our staff members will wear FFP2 mask while treating you.

How do I know when to be in touch with my care team?

If you have any flu-like symptoms, please let your care team know.

My treatments are over, am I still at high risk?

Your immunity is weakened for some time after the treatments have ended. This depends on the treatments given. If you wish to know more, please be in touch with your care team.


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