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Patient satisfaction and access to treatment appointment

The patient is the focal point of everything we do at Docrates Cancer Center. We focus on the level of our services and treatments by following our value: Human beings to other human beings.

The patient is the focal point of everything we do at Docrates Cancer Center. That means we provide individual treatment for every patient.

We give enough time to our patients; each patient is assigned a personal doctor and a primary nurse, and we prepare an individual treatment plan together. We want to exceed all expectations and we want every patient to feel like our most important patient.

It is also of out most importance to us to follow patient satisfaction in order to focus on excellence in customer service as well as developing our services and treatments further. Please you can give us feedback here.

Customer survey results in 2023


Customer satisfaction

97% of our patients are satisfied with the care and service we provide in 2023.


NPS Score

Our patients recommend us: Docrates Cancer Center’s Net Promoter Score, or customer recommendation index, was a fantastic 96 in 2023.

*Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an international indicator of customer experience on a scale from -100 to +100. With just one question, “How likely is it that you would recommend Docrates to relatives, friends and acquaintances? (on a scale from 0 to 10)”, it measures the customer’s likelihood to recommend a company or service to friends and family members. Respondents fall into three categories according to the score they give: Promoters (9–10); Passives (7–8); and Detractors (0–6).

Our patients are very satisfied with the following areas:

  • Docrates’ world-class medical expertise in cancer care
  • Individual needs and wishes were taken into account when planning for treatments and timetables
  • Rapidity of access to treatment and examinations
  • The personnel genuinely listen and acts accordingly to the patients needs
Access to treatments at Docrates Cancer Center

Access to cancer specialist appointment and breast surgery

You have quick access to a cancer specialist appointment without referral at Docrates Cancer Center.
We carry out the needed examinations immediately and all services are located in the same building.

Average time of access to treatment from first point of contact:

  • Cancer specialist: average in less than 1 day*
  • Breast surgery: average in 19 days*

*During 1.10.–31.12.2023

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Why come to Docrates Cancer Center?

  • Top cancer experts and effective treatments without delay.
  • Individual care. You have your own care team - your doctor and your nurse.
  • Front line cancer treatment. Latest medical technology combined with proven expertise in cancer care.
  • Experience in treating international patients from over 60 countries. Multilingual personnel.
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