Tatiana Heinonen’s and Svetlana Maganova’s “Dialogue with glass” -art exhibition at Docrates

Tatiana Heinonen and Svetlana Maganova are sisters born in Moscow. Along their life, they have been re-evaluating their attitude to life, but there was never enough time to make any changes.

Difficult challenges started when Tatiana received her cancer diagnosis. Having gone through all stages of extremely hard treatment, feeling despair, being between life and death, Tatiana felt desire and strength to fight for her life, but not only to survive, but to show other people her perception of beauty. When Tatiana started treatment at Docrates Cancer Center, she started to paint on glass. She didn’t know then that this will help her to forget about strong physical pain she was then feeling. It seemed as if new energy channels opened up, that were bringing up new thoughts and sensations that every moment of life is precious and inimitable.

Tatiana and Svetlana are connected to each other with interestingly bounding threads on different levels. Infinitely completing each other they remain being absolutely different individual personalities, which reflects in their art. So many thoughts, themes and colors have been accumulated, which they would like to share with other people through their art. Each created art work restores creation.

Sisters´ art technique is unique and is coming from the desire to perceive and let the others experience the infinite beauty of our world. The material is glass – transparent, pure, reflecting and refracting, ambiguous like everything else around us.

Tatiana and Svetlana are convinced that there is a secret potential in every one of us. Try to glimpse into yourself!

“I wish all patients to remain hopeful and believe in their future! Our life is so precious, it is worth fighting for!” – T.Heinonen

"Маска маскарадная" С. Маганова


For enquiries about purchasing the works from this art exhibition please contact:

Jorma Heinonen (in English and Finnish): jorma.heinonen@yandex.ru