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Docrates Cancer Center uses the latest medical technology. The hospital provides all aspects of cancer diagnostics and treatment under one roof; it also has its own inpatient ward and laboratory services. Surgery, when necessary, is arranged with top clinicians that we know and trust. Docrates Health and Recovery Center provides cancer patients and the people close to them with complementary therapies tailored carefully to each individual. There are several accommodation options close to the hospital with special rates for our patients.

The hospital has established a world-class reputation for its expertise and quality care. Each patient at Docrates is provided with a leading oncology expert team ensuring that the benefits of the latest international clinical research and treatment developments are adopted. In addition to established medical therapies, patients at Docrates may also choose – after full consultation – to participate in clinical studies on new forms of treatment.

At Docrates, we don’t just treat the cancer – we treat the individual. Our unique concept is attracting patients from all over the world. We have already treated patients from 60 countries, with an extraordinary satisfaction rate. We have treated close to 30 different cancer types.

Many personal insurance schemes cover the cost of cancer care provided at Docrates Cancer Center.

Focus on the patient

We take a holistic approach to patient care. Treatment options, treatment benefits, adverse effects and desired treatment outcomes are all discussed together with the patient. An individual treatment plan is created for each patient.

A diagnosis of cancer is a life-changing event and its treatment requires extensive clinical expertise. Therefore, we ensure that the patient’s own personal physician and dedicated treatment team will support the patient throughout the treatment process. Our goal is to achieve the best possible treatment outcome while supporting the patient’s quality of life throughout the treatment process.

Quick access to treatment

To choose the best possible treatment, detailed information is required on the exact location, spread and cell type of the cancer. Treatment is planned by a multidisciplinary team of experts.

To achieve optimal results it is vital to start treatment as soon as possible. At Docrates Cancer Center, we begin the treatment immediately once all the necessary information is available.

Latest treatments and advanced equipment

The range of effective treatment options available for cancer patients is constantly widening. An accurate diagnosis is the first step in the treatment process and at Docrates Cancer Center we use the very latest methods in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Ultrasound examinations, CT (computed tomography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), PET-CT (positron emission tomography) and SPECT-CT (single photon emission tomography) imaging are all available. All our imaging equipment features wide bores, allowing not only optimal scanning results, but also extra space and therefore patient comfort during the scan.

The cancer center’s specialists in radiology and nuclear medicine analyse the images and provide a report on each scan and a clear explanation is given to the patient.

The aim of modern radiotherapy is to provide a complete cure. Docrates Cancer Center uses the full range of state-of-the-art techniques including stereotactic radiotherapy, IMRT, IGRT, RapidArc and HDR internal brachytherapy. We are also at the forefront of advanced radionuclide therapy methods.

Kaiku Health – A modern and patient-oriented follow-up service to support the patient and the treatment team

Docrates Cancer Center uses Kaiku Health web application to support the constant follow-up and individual treatment of patients. Kaiku Health enables following patients’ condition, quality of life, and symptom progress in real-time. Individually tailored electronic follow-up questionnaires keep the personnel up to date and enable quick reactions to any symptoms reported by the patient, such as pain.

All the critical information about the patient’s individual treatment and follow-up is always saved and available to the patient in the Kaiku Health application. When necessary, patients can also contact their own treatment team easily and safely via the Kaiku Health application.

Patients can access the application with any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet.

According to studies published internationally, digital patient follow-up can significantly improve the patient’s quality of life and likelihood of survival. At Docrates Cancer Center the Kaiku Health service has already been a part of patients’ daily treatment since 2013, which makes Docrates the forerunner of digital patient follow-up in Europe.

‘Patients who use our service feel that the digital follow-up has increased their feeling of safety and knowledge about their symptom progress during treatment. In practice we have observed that through the system patients are more likely to report symptoms that have not been discussed during appointments. This has been a great asset in updating the patients’ treatment plans according to their needs. Also, the nurses can easily and quickly see the patient’s condition and react to it through the app. Thus, this follow-up benefits all of its users’, explains Jaana Hyväri, Director of Patient Care Services at Docrates Cancer Center, who’s responsible of the development of Kaiku Health follow-up service at Docrates.

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Why come to Docrates Cancer Center?

  • No waiting times: top cancer experts and effective treatments without delay
  • Individual care: you have your own care team - your doctor and your nurse
  • Front line cancer treatment: latest medical technology combined with proven expertise in cancer care
  • Experience in treating international patients: patients from over 60 countries, multilingual personnel

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