At Docrates, we don’t just treat the cancer, we treat the person. Our aim is to achieve the best possible treatment outcome; the goal is not only to defeat the disease but to make it possible for the patient to live as a full life as possible during and after the treatment.

Docrates provides holistic cancer treatment side by side the patient from the first appointment to the follow-up – a care path for the patient – as we call it. At different stages of the care path top medical expertise, technology, the passion of the caretaking team, vibrant spaces and a multifaceted net of wellbeing and health services will be supporting the patients with their unique needs.

Our specialists create a personal treatment plan for each patient based on the diagnostics results and desired treatment outcomes. Since our goal is to keep our patients highly informed about their treatments, our specialists discuss treatment options and their own suggestions thoroughly with their patients.

Patients at Docrates can consult the best oncology experts promptly and without a referral. There is no waiting list, which means treatment can be started without delay – a vitally important factor in cancer treatment.

Docrates uses state-of-the-art medical technology. The hospital provides all aspects of treatment under one roof; it has its own inpatient ward, laboratory services and surgery, when necessary, is arranged with top clinicians that we know and trust. In addition to established medications, patients at Docrates may also choose – after full consultations – to participate in clinical studies on new medicines.

Our unique concept is attracting clients from all over the world. We have already treated patients from more than 60 countries.

Why come to Docrates Cancer Center?

  • No waiting times: top cancer experts and effective treatments without delay
  • Individual care: you have your own care team - your doctor and your nurse
  • Front line cancer treatment: latest medical technology combined with proven expertise in cancer care
  • Experience in treating international patients: patients from over 60 countries, multilingual personnel

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