A member from your international team will welcome you upon your arrival at Docrates Cancer Center.

We will go through your appointments and procedures schedule and fill in the consent form to save patient’s information together. At this stage you will make a prepayment.

Please note, that sometimes laboratory analysis is carried before the first appointment. The doctor will invite you in by your last name. The first appointment takes 1-1,5 hours. Your close one can join the appointment.

Your counseling nurse will meet you to explain how to prepare for the diagnostics procedures listed in your diagnostics plan after the first appointment.

When results of the examinations are ready, our multidisciplinary team of specialists will develop the most optimal treatment plan for you. At the end of the diagnostics phase, you will meet your treating doctor to discuss the treatment options and suggested treatment plan.

Feel free to enjoy coffee, fruits and refreshments in our comfortable lobbies in the 1st and 2nd floor.

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Why come to Docrates Cancer Center?

  • No waiting times: top cancer experts and effective treatments without delay
  • Individual care: you have your own care team - your doctor and your nurse
  • Front line cancer treatment: latest medical technology combined with proven expertise in cancer care
  • Experience in treating international patients: patients from over 60 countries, multilingual personnel

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Mon-Thu 8 am-6 pm, Fri 8 am-4 pm (GMT +2)

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