We carry out annual customer surveys; the latest one in summer 2015. Many thanks to all the respondents! We will continue to invest in the development of our services and treatments and focus on maintaining outstanding standards.

The results of the 2015 customer survey show, that

  • 94% of our patients are very satisfied with the care and service we provide
  • Our patients recommend us: Docrates Cancer Center’s Net Promoter Score, or customer recommendation index, is a fantastic 86!Net Promoter Score (NSP) is an international indicator of customer experience on a scale from -100 to +100. With just one question, it measures the customer’s likelihood to recommend a company or service to friends and family members (on a scale from 0 to 10): How likely is it that you would recommend Docrates to relatives, friends and acquaintances?.. Respondents fall into three categories according to the score they give: Promoters (9–10); Passives (7–8); and Detractors (0–6).

Our patients are very satisfied with the following areas:

  • Rapidity of access to treatment and examinations
  • Responsibility
  • Docrates’ medical technology
  • Docrates’ medical expertise
  • Amount of time dedicated to patients
  • Availability of information about treatments and examinations
  • Individual treatment and interaction
  • Interaction between the patient and Docrates
  • Availability of information from nurses and doctors
  • Availability of information about costs

The average patient satisfaction was over 6 for all the above indicators. The scale used in the survey was 1–7, and an average score between 6 and 7 indicates excellent satisfaction on this scale.

We received a lot of open feedback. Below are some direct quotations that very well represent the feedback on areas that we succeeded in:

“I got an appointment at Docrates in no time at all. Everyone was friendly and I felt welcome at once. The first contact with a doctor gave me confidence and I felt that I really received competent expert care. The entire staff worked to ensure this. It is important to be able to meet with your attending doctor each year. It gives confidence in the future. My counselling nurse has taken excellent care of me and my case. The Echo communication system has been very helpful in this respect.”

“The entire examination and treatment process was perfect: being admitted to treatment, the smoothness of everything and the incredibly efficient and competent staff.”

“Quick diagnosis and listing of facts. Specialist treatment with high-end technology. Support and attention to the patient.”

“Hundred per cent attention to the patient. Good service and staff. Humane attitude.”

“Quick initiation of examinations and treatment. My personal doctor is great, very competent and has always time to answer my questions. Everything went smoothly and mostly under one roof.”

“I was given an appointment at once! Great staff and equipment! High competence. Friendly and humane attitude.”

“I got my first appointment very quickly. Treatment was started without delay. Excellent treatment outcome (so far).”

“My primary nurse – kind, competent, warm-hearted. Very comfortable environment, does not feel like a hospital. I already knew that the doctors are true specialists in treating cancer.”

“The doctor’s optimistic attitude has had a great significance for me in these circumstances. The doctor has explained my situation and elaborated on the treatment plan. Every effort is made to find a recurring tumor as early as possible. I feel that I’m in good hands here.”

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Why come to Docrates Cancer Center?

  • No waiting times: top cancer experts and effective treatments without delay
  • Individual care: you have your own care team - your doctor and your nurse
  • Front line cancer treatment: latest medical technology combined with proven expertise in cancer care
  • Experience in treating international patients: patients from over 50 countries, multilingual personnel
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