More and more patients are coming to Finland to seek better treatments – including cancer treatment, and in line with the EU directive, patients’ freedom to choose where they get treated has increased. Docrates Cancer Center is one of Finland’s largest exporters of healthcare services and we have so far treated patients from over 60 countries.

Finnish cancer research is the most cited in the world

Cancer research has traditionally been of very high quality in Finland, and in clinical publications in the field of cancer research, Finland is the world leader when examining the average of citations per clinical cancer article (26.4 citations per article):


Source: Publication Analysis 1998–2009: “Cancer Research”

Finnish cancer treatment is among the best in Europe

A clear statement of the premium quality of Finnish cancer treatment is presented by the EUROCARE Study, which is the most comprehensive source of European statistics on cancer patient survival. The statistics have been collected on a regular basis since 1989, and they provide accurate statistical information on survival rates for different types of cancers in different European countries. The latest published statistics, EUROCARE 5 (2000–2007) includes information on more than 21 million cancer cases, covering 30 European countries.

The cancer-specific statistics on cancer patient survival (see below) show that Finland is the leading country for treating head and neck cancers, as well as breast cancer. Finland also ranks third best in treating prostate cancer, and fourth best in treating colorectal cancers.





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  • Experience in treating international patients: patients from over 60 countries, multilingual personnel
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