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Why Prostate Cancer Clinic?

  • Help for prostate problems under one roof

  • Leading oncologists and urologists

  • Advanced, comprehensive prostate diagnostics

  • Information, recommendations, alternatives – individually and listening to the man

We help you in the following

  • Investigating the risk of prostate cancer

  • Elevated or increasing PSA level

  • Urination problems

  • Benign prostate hyperplasia

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Suspected prostate cancer, diagnostics, treatment and follow-up

Prostate symptoms bother an increasing number of men as well as their spouses. Men may have to go to the bathroom frequently at night, suffer from impotence or not know whether their zigzagging PSA levels mean cancer or something else, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia. If the family has a history of prostate cancer, men might be concerned about their own risk of illness. They may have gone to see an expert, such as a health center doctor or an occupational physician, or have been given contradictory recommendations for further action.

Docrates Prostate Cancer Clinic offers comprehensive answers to prostate‑related questions under the direction of leading experts. Whether you have prostate‑related symptoms, suspect cancer or need treatment after a prostate cancer diagnosis, our multidisciplinary prostate team can provide comprehensive information and focus on your specific situation. You will not be left alone and will be given high‑quality information concerning your condition as well as concrete recommendations for further action. Through discussion, we can specify the best treatment options for you.

A correct diagnosis is a strict precondition for the proper treatment of cancer. Docrates staff have long‑term experience in prostate cancer imaging as well specialised expertise in prostate biopsies. Experienced staff and modern equipment produce an optimally representative biopsy, and thereby as comprehensive an understanding of the cancer and its aggressiveness as possible before making a treatment decision and beginning therapy.

What problems can the prostate cancer clinic help with?

You can consult our experts on, for example,the following issues:

Prostate cancer – we provide all forms of expertise:


If you suspect prostate cancer or have been diagnosed with one, you can make an appointment with an experienced Docrates cancer specialist quickly and without a referral. We will begin treatment immediately.
Our international team will gladly help you to arrange everything you might need for your visit to Docrates Prostate Cancer Clinic and will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with the needed.

An appointment with a specialist in 1–2 days

  • Comprehensive first appointment: 60–90 minutes

  • First appointment starting from €287

To biopsy without queueing

Standard and targeted biopsies quickly and professionally – ask for more!

“It is the basic right of prostate patients to have unhurried negotiations with a cancer physician or a urologist specialised in prostate problems, and to establish a confidential, continuous treatment relationship”

Petteri Hervonen M.D., Ph.D. Specialist in Medical Oncology