The diagnostics and treatment of prostate problems and prostate cancer are notoriously complex: the uncertainty, different treatment options and the potential repercussions of therapy worry many men. Extensive expertise is required to generate an optimal understanding of the situation and to tackle the problems. The combined perspectives of an experienced urologist and oncologist and the help of oncologic imaging specialists offer a truly comprehensive overview of the condition of the patient’s prostate and the available treatment options.

The Docrates Prostate Cancer Clinic offers patients the solid long-term experience and competence of our full team – based on research and evidence. In accordance with the Docrates treatment philosophy, the patient forms the strict focal point of activities: the condition of the patient’s prostate and the treatment options, including their possible repercussions, are thoroughly discussed with the patient and his family members or close friends. The patient is given information, opportunities to discuss and genuine care to support decision-making.

The prostate team – leading experts at your service

The doctor team at our Prostate Cancer Clinic has years of experience in treating prostate problems and cancer, which allows us to plan the optimal treatment together with each patient. Our chief physician and specialist in medical oncology and radiotherapy, Timo Joensuu, is a pioneer in the field of prostate cancer treatment. He has made groundbreaking contributions in the field of prostate cancer treatment, particularly targeted radiotherapy. Docrates can offer special expertise in both externally delivered therapy and interstitial HDR brachytherapy. We have administered the most prostate HDR radiotherapy in Finland under the lead of our Chief Urologist Martti Ala-Opas and Specialist in Urology Lauri Taipale – with excellent results. Martti Ala-Opas and Lauri Taipale also have special competence in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia using the TULP laser method and in treating erectile dysfunction. When robot-assisted surgery is the optimal treatment, the surgery is performed by our partners.

At Docrates, every patient is designated a personal doctor, nurse and care team. Our support services offer you the best prospects for healing or controlling prostate cancer while maintaining a good quality of life.



Petteri Hervonen
M.D., Ph.D.
Specialist in Medical Oncology, Docrates Cancer Center
Chief Physician, HUS Comprehensive Cancer Center

Petteri has 15 years of solid experience in the examination and treatment of cancer patients, with a special focus on prostate cancer. He also has special expertise in treating metastasised prostate cancer with pharmacotherapy. He is particularly keen on remaining at the cutting edge in this field. Petteri is a nationally experienced and prestigious lecturer and trainer, for example at Tampere University Hospital and Tampere University.


Ala-Opas, Martti
Chief Urologist
MD, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor
Specialist in Surgery and Urology

Martti’s long career includes patient work in both the public and private sector. He has actively promoted the procurement of a robotic surgical system at HUCH. He is particularly renowned as a pioneer in treating prostate cancer with interstitial radiotherapy: he performed the first LDR (low dose rate) radiotherapy treatments in Finland as well as the first HDR (high dose rate) radiotherapy treatments in Finland, the latter at Docrates. By 2014, he had administered HDR therapy to over 100 patients at Docrates, with excellent results.

KUVA-Timo_Joensuu_24Joensuu, Timo
Chief Physician, founder
MD, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor of Clinical Oncology, Specialist in Medical Oncology and Radiotherapy

Timo is a pioneer in the field of radiotherapy and one of the most experienced prostate cancer experts in Finland. At Docrates, he would like reform cancer treatment through a patient-centred care philosophy.


merja_raade_22Raade, Merja
Chief Radiologist
M.D., Specialist in Radiology





Taipale, Lauri
M.D., Specialist in Surgery and Urology

Lauri’s career includes patient work in both the public and private sector. He specialises in prostate cancer, with a particular focus on interstitial HDR (High Dose Rate) brachytherapy. He also has special competence in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia using the TULP laser method. Moreover, Lauri is a frequent lecturer, for example on the topic of erectile dysfunction.


Sihvo, Aili 

Counseling nurse
Nurse Practitioner (NP) / Prostate cancer



If you suspect you have prostate cancer or have been diagnosed with cancer, you can get an appointment with an experienced Docrates cancer specialist quickly and without a referral. We will begin treatment immediately.
Our international team will gladly help you to arrange everything you might need for your visit to Docrates Prostate Cancer Clinic and will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with the needed.

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