Effective treatment of advanced prostate cancer

Leading team of prostate cancer treatment in Helsinki, Finland

The latest treatment methods and a team of leading prostate cancer experts

At Docrates Cancer Center we offer you the latest treatment methods and a team of leading prostate cancer experts providing personalized care for your unique situation. Our team of experts makes sure you receive the most advanced prostate cancer treatment with minimum side-effects.

We work with the latest technology and techniques like hormone therapy, VMAT RapidArc radiation therapy, radioisotope therapy and HDR-brachytherapy.  Against advanced prostate cancer Docrates Cancer Center offers the most advanced radionuclide therapies. 

Docrates Cancer Center warmly welcomes patients from all over the world. Our International Client Manager Marina Rutgayzer will gladly help you to arrange everything you might need for your visit.

We are first in the Nordics using the new Lutetium treatment for advanced prostate cancer 1.
Our patients are very satisfied with the care and service we provide 93%
Finland is the third best country in the world in treating prostate cancer 3.
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If you have a cancer diagnosis, get yourself a second opinion. There’s an increasing amount of new technology available for cancer care, and Docrates and Finland are not far away! Magnus Kruse, Sweden. READ MY STORY