Effective treatment of advanced prostate cancer

Leading team of prostate cancer treatment in Helsinki, Finland

The latest treatment methods and a team of leading prostate cancer experts

At Docrates Cancer Center we offer you the latest treatment methods and a team of leading prostate cancer experts providing personalized care for your unique situation. Our team of experts makes sure you receive the most advanced prostate cancer treatment with minimum side-effects.

We work with the latest technology and techniques like hormone therapy, VMAT RapidArc radiation therapyHDR-brachytherapy and the latest radioisotope therapies.

Aggressive and advanced prostate cancer calls for active treatment options

Nowadays even advanced prostate cancer can be effectively treated, and patients with metastasised prostate cancer need an individualized treatment program. The newest treatment for advanced prostate cancer is radionuclide therapy with lutetium-PSMA, which in many cases successfully destroys metastases both in the skeleton and outside of it. The treatment is still considered experimental. Docrates is the first hospital in the Nordics to offer this treatment. Contact us and ask for more information!

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