Your safety is the most important to us

Many cancer patients have several concerns when it comes to the coronavirus epidemic, e.g. how does the situation impact my treatments, appointments and diagnostics? It is important to continue cancer treatments according to the individual treatment plan, unless your doctor has advised you otherwise. The situation should be evaluated on an individual basis.

Do be in touch with your own care team should you have any concerns. It is important not to stop going to treatments without discussing your situation with your doctor.

At Docrates, we have adapted our way of working from very early on during the pandemic, to ensure the safety of both our patients and our staff. Our staff members have been trained to detect and control infectious diseases. There have been no corona infections at our hospital.

The following procedures are in place in order to ensure the safety of our patients:

  • We recommend remote consulatiotions to as many patients as possible.
  • We screen all patients at the hospital twice, to find out possible symptoms and other links to corona patients.
  • Family members and friends are asked to wait outside the hospital.
  • entire staff wears masks.
  • Also our patients will be provided with a mask during their visit.
  • Our hospital staff wear technical outifts made of dirt and bacteria resistant materials.
  • We ensure the safety of our staff members in several ways. For example, we have increased the number of lunch areas in order to allow only a few staff members in any one room at the same time. Also our locker rooms can be entered only a few persons at a time.
  • Those staff members that have been in the same room with each other shall write down their name and time, so in the case of a possible infection, we can easily track down all necessary staff members without delay.
  • The doctors consult each other remotely, avoiding all unnecessary contacts.
  • We have invested in ultrasound equipment to disinfect mobile phones and other small items.
  • We have increased and strengthened our cleaning procedures in order to keep door handles, keyboards etc clean.
  • Besides the necessary medical staff, the other staff members of the hospital are working remotely.
  • To prepare for a suspected virus infection, we have made precise plans for isolation.
  • Early on in February-March, all larger gatherings and events were canceled.

With these comprehensive procedures in place we want to ensure the safety of our cancer patients. It is safe to continue getting treated at Docrates. Should you have concerns about the continuance of your treatments, please do contact us.