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Articles | 15.07.2024
Prostate cancer Treatments

Patient story: Hannu Nurmio – Aiming for a normal everyday life

Hannu Nurmio was aware that prostate cancer is the most common cancer in older men. However, after the diagnosis was confirmed,...


The temporary technical problem in the data network connections has been corrected

A temporary technical problem occurred in the data network connections of Docrates Cancer Center has now been corrected. We apologise...

Articles | 09.07.2024
Colorectal cancer

Early detection of colorectal cancer significantly improves treatment prognosis

Early detection of colorectal cancer is crucial for successful treatment. If diagnosed early, up to 90% of cancers can be...

News | 24.06.2024

Docrates is the first to launch a new type of alpha radiation therapy in the Nordic region

Docrates Cancer Center is the first service provider in the Nordic region to launch a new experimental alpha radiation treatment...

Articles | 16.06.2024
Colorectal cancer

Ten steps in the treatment path of colorectal cancer – what happens after the tests

The treatment path of colorectal cancer is always individual and planned with you by experienced oncologists at Docrates. Docrates also...

News | 12.06.2024

Verification of identification

Please be prepared to present an identity document when you register at the reception.

Press releases | 21.05.2024
Company information

Investments in diagnostics, cancer treatment and services – Docrates Cancer Center published its 2023 annual review

In 2023, Docrates Cancer Center promoted its strategy by investing in larger facilities, developing services related to the early detection...

News | 21.05.2024
Company information

Customer infoletter 21, May 2024

Docrates Cancer Center becomes part of Mehiläinen through an acquisition signed on 16 May 2024. The transaction requires the approval...

Press releases | 16.05.2024
Company information

Docrates Cancer Center becomes part of Mehiläinen

Docrates Cancer Center, which specialises in the diagnostics, treatment and monitoring of cancer, becomes part of Mehiläinen through an acquisition...

Press releases | 08.05.2024
Research Treatments

Promising preliminary outcomes from stereotactic radiotherapy for kidney cancer

In Finland, about 1,000 people are diagnosed with kidney cancer each year. Up to half of these are found by...

Articles | 03.05.2024
Career story Company information

Meet one of our cancer center staff, Jukka Kemppainen, Chief Physician, Nuclear Medicine

Jukka Kemppainen derives a sense of meaning from being able to introduce new forms of treatment to Finland when nothing...

Press releases | 02.05.2024
Company information Treatments

Almost 1,000 Swedish patients received cancer treatment in Finland in 2020–2023

In the 2020s, about 1,000 Swedish patients have received cancer treatment at the private Docrates Cancer Center in Finland. More...

Articles | 26.04.2024
Colorectal cancer

Gene faults and lifestyle can increase the risk of colorectal cancer

A close relative diagnosed with colorectal cancer may be a sign that you are also at an elevated risk of...