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High-quality individual diagnostics and the latest cancer treatments without delay

Cancer treatments safely also during Covid-19 pandemic. Our professionals are here for you.

"Docrates emphasizes the importance of life quality"

- Jaana Nurmi, who has recovered from breast cancer


Docrates provides high quality and prompt cancer care. We provide individual diagnostics and the latest cancer treatments without delay. We cherish a good quality of life and care for the patient as a whole.


High quality care

Equipment and cancer treatment experts of the highest level.



Your own doctor and our own care team will tailor the treatments to your specific needs.



Doctor's first visit in a few days, start of the treatment in a week.

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Docrates Cancer Center is a Finnish private hospital specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of cancer. We provide high-quality and individual diagnostics and the latest cancer treatments without delay, even during an epidemic. We cherish a good quality of life and care for the patient as a whole. Clinic is located in Helsinki.

Imaging and diagnostics

The Docrates imaging unit offers high-quality and versatile diagnostic and imaging services for both in-house and referral customers.

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Treatments and technologies

We offer the opportunity to quickly book the reception of cancer professionals without a referral. Treatments can be started without delay. A quick start to treatment is very important in cancer care.

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Health and wellness services

Docrates Health and Welfare Services provides a wide range of rehabilitation and wellness services for those with cancer and their loved ones before, during and after treatments.

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You will always receive treatment based on the latest research data

Competence different
types of cancer

Our experts have extensive knowledge of the diagnosis and treatment of various cancers.

On our website you will find the latest information on various cancers, diagnostics and treatment options.

The most common forms of cancer

What's new in Docrates

Published: 07.01.2022

One type of cancer is distinct from others due to its painfulness—these everyday methods can alleviate the pain, and sauna is not necessarily one of them

As cancer becomes metastasised, it typically causes more pain. Oncologist Olga Maslennikova from Docrates Cancer Center shares the best ways...

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Published: 20.12.2021

Christmas and public holiday opening hours

Docrates is open, and we are here for you even during Christmas time. See our Christmas and public holiday opening...

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Published: 16.12.2021

Confusion and fear of death are present when a cancer diagnosis is made

Looking after the mental well-being of someone who has been diagnosed with cancer is an essential part of recovery from...

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Published: 13.12.2021

Physical activity can improve the quality of life of cancer patients and the effectiveness of cancer drugs

Physical activity can considerably improve cancer patients’ quality of life. “Improvement in the quality of life was clearly demonstrated in...

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  • Top cancer experts and effective treatments without delay even during epidemic.
  • Individual care. You have your own care team - your doctor and your nurse.
  • Front line cancer treatment. Latest medical technology combined with proven expertise in cancer care.
  • Experience in treating international patients from over 60 countries. Multilingual personnel.
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