Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. The risk for prostate cancer increases with age. The majority of the 4,700 men annually diagnosed with prostate cancer make a full recovery. For optimum treatment results, it is important to begin assessments and treatment as early as possible.

Immediate prostate cancer treatment at Docrates

Docrates Cancer Center offers solid long‑term experience in the diagnosis, treatment and follow‑up of prostate cancer according to each customer’s needs. The process is based on a correct diagnosis of cancer: our cutting‑edge diagnosis equipment, combined with the competence of our clinical staff, allows us to diagnose the exact nature and spread of prostate cancer and thus to target the treatment optimally. The severity and nature of the illness as well as the effectiveness of the treatment options, including any adverse effects, are always carefully weighed in planning the treatment of prostate cancer. The patient’s personal values and preferences are also of utmost importance.

Docrates designates each patient a personal doctor at the first appointment. The counselling nurse ensures that the treatment process runs as quickly and smoothly as possible. The nurse helps the patient with practical matters and provides support.
If you suspect you have prostate cancer or have been diagnosed with cancer, you can get an appointment with an experienced Docrates cancer specialist quickly and without a referral. We will begin treatment immediately.

Our international team (tel: +358 10 773 2055,  Mon – Fri 8:00– 16:00, e-mail: international (a), will gladly help you to arrange everything you might need for your visit to Docrates Prostate Cancer Clinic and will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with the needed).

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