Prostate cancer diagnosis begins with an appointment with a urologist or an oncology specialist. At this stage, high PSA levels or abnormal palpation findings may have led to a suspicion of cancer. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe further examinations to support diagnosis, for example a STHLM 3 -test and/or an MRI scan of the prostate.

Prostate cancer diagnosis must always be based on the histopathological examination of a tissue sample. To this end, we will collect a needle biopsy from the prostate. Ultrasound‑guided biopsy will help to ascertain prostate cancer diagnosis.

In cancer treatment, information about the exact location of the cancer strongly affects the success of the treatments themselves. For this reason, Docrates Cancer Center takes advantage of PET-CT equipment in the treatment of an increasing number of patients. At Docrates, PET-CT is used for diagnosing cancer, the dose planning of radiotherapy and the assessment of the therapeutic response of new targeted drugs. We have also strongly invested in more specific tracers. The newest tracers in use are PSMA-targeted, which makes them particularly sensitive in identifying post-operative or post-radiotherapy recurrences of prostate cancer at very low PSA-levels, as well as the dissemination of early prostate cancer to, for example, lymph nodes. PSMA-PET-CT imaging enables a more accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer, which means that the treatment can be better tailored using methods such as modern radiotherapy, promoting a good quality of life. Being able to accurately locate the cancer is also very important for the surgeon, among others, when planning a prostatectomy. More information about isotope diagnostics and treatments.

We know that prostate cancer diagnosis can cause feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. With the help of cutting‑edge technology, Docrates experts strive to provide the most accurate diagnosis possible. This way, we can increase certainty in a new life situation and at the next stage, be it active follow‑up or the beginning of treatment.

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