Costs and financial information

Below you can find some examples of typical breast and prostate cancer examinations, treatment procedures and their prices.

Please note that the prices below are cost estimates. A treatment plan is made individually for each patient. After the diagnostics phase is over and the treatment plan is ready we can make a personal cost estimate upon your request.

Costs are invoiced on the day of the procedure or once a week in the case of radiotherapy treatment with an office fee of 28 €.

Read more financial information here.

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Examples of costs

Appointment costs from 1.1.2020


Price (including a service fee of 28 €)

Doctor´s appointment max 30 min

239 €

Doctor´s appointment max 60 min

383 €

First appointment max 90 min

501 €

Remote appointment (video or telephone) - First appointment

501 €

Remote appointment (video or telephone) - Follow-up appointment

334 €


A clinic fee of 139 € will be charged covering costs of organizing the patient´s first visit.




Breast cancer diagnostics
- Incl. appointment, examinations

from 3 400 €

Procedures before breast cancer surgery

from 6 064 €


212 - 452 €


685 – 1 380 €


425 – 990 €

- Depending on radioisotope tracer

2 148 – 3 569 €


677 – 2 153 €

CT-guided biopsy of internal organ

from 2 639 €





from 12 500 €

Breast conserving surgery

from 14 500 €

Other types of surgery

please ask the personnel


Surgery incl: anesthesia, surgery, ward, surgeon´s appointment.




Breast cancer adjuvant chemotherapy (6 cycles)

from 11 300 €

Colorectal cancer chemotherapy (8 cycles)

from 30 000 €

Gene profiling

560 - 6 950 €

Other types of chemotherapy

please ask the personnel


Please notice that chemotherapy costs depend on the medication costs.

Radiation therapy



Prostate cancer external radiotherapy

from 20 300 €

Prostate cancer multimodal treatment: external radiotherapy and internal HDR brachytherapy
- Incl. anesthesia, ward

from 41 800 €

Prostate cancer HDR brachytherapy (monotherapy)

from 39 600 €

Breast cancer adjuvant radiotherapy

from 16 550 €


Radiation therapy incl: doctor´s appointments,  CT simulation, radiotherapy dose planning, radiation therapy course, patient´s cast.

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