Costs and financial information

Below you can find some price examples of typical examinations and treatments.

Please note that the prices below are cost estimates. A treatment plan is made individually for each patient. After the diagnostics phase is over and the treatment plan is ready we can make a personal cost estimate upon your request.

Costs are invoiced once a week with an office fee of 29 €.

A clinic fee of 147 € will be charged covering costs of organizing the patient´s first visit (only for patients not living permanently in Finland). When canceling a confirmed booking, the clinic fee will be charged.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

tel: + 358 10 773 2010 (Mon – Fri 8.00 – 16.00)
e-mail: international (a)

First appointment at the clinic:

  • 531 €, a clinic fee 147 € will be added (for patients not living permanently in Finland).
  • Including examination of patient’s medical reports before appointment, approx. 60 min. appointment and post-reporting.
  • After first appointment, you will receive an individual treatment plan including a cost estimate. The first appointment is not binding you further.

Examples of costs

Breast cancer treatments



First appointment and treatment plan
• 2 x 60 min. appointment, oncologist and surgeon

1004 €

Examinations before surgery
• Including ia. laboratory examinations, imaging, sentinel node examination

from 4337 €

• Including surgery, ward and pathologist’s examination

from 13030 €

Breast conserving surgery
• Including surgery, ward and and pathologist’s examination

from 14780 €

Radiation therapy
• Individually planned for each patient

from 16755 €

• Approx. 4 months of cytostatics after surgery according to individual estimate

from 13220 €

Follow-up appointment (30 min.)

224 €

Mammography and ultrasound
• Including mammography, ultrasound and radiologist’s opinion

270-301 €

Patients without remittance to mammography. Radiologist’s opinion of imaging need and written remittance (10 min.).

42 €


If you wish, you can for example solely select mastectomy and examinations before surgery. At Docrates Cancer Center you will receive a surgery appointment approximately within a week.

Prostate cancer treatments



First appointment (60 min), examinations and treatment plan.
• Including first appointment at oncologist, imaging service, Robot-assisted MRI-guided navigation biopsy of prostate

approx. 4174 €


4044 €


2718 €

External radiotherapy

from 26557 €

HDR brachytherapy (monotherapy)
• Including three treatment appointments, ward and anesthesia

from 40881 €

Multimodal treatment: external radiotherapy and internal HDR brachytherapy

from 51419 €



Other cancers



First appointment and treatment plan
Approx. 60 min. appointment

531 €


Please contact our personnel for more information and cost examples.





141-484 €

Mammography and ultrasound
• Including mammography, ultrasound and radiologist's opinion

270-301 €

Imaging (MRI)

692-1394 €

Computer Tomography (CT)

482-1122 €

- Depending on radioisotope tracer

2481-4122 €


692-2779 €

CT-guided biopsy of internal organ

from 2779 €

Gene profiling

1082-7344 €

A clinic fee of 147 € will be charged covering costs of organizing the patient´s first visit.

Remote appointments


Price (including a service fee of 29 €)

First appointment remotely by video or telephone (60-90min.)
• Including examination of patient’s medical reports, pathologist statement, imaging and laboratory results, if needed. After first appointment, you will receive an individual treatment plan including a cost estimate.

531 €

Video appointment for new patient (max. 30min.) NOTE! Only for Finnish patients.
• For patient with cancer suspicion or diagnose and wishes to discuss examination and treatment alternatives with oncologist.

282 €

Follow-up appointment via telephone or video (max. 45min.)
• For patients examined or treated by Docrates

354 €

Telephone appointment (max. 20min.)

201 €


A clinic fee of 147 € will be charged covering costs of organizing the patient´s first visit.

Payment of distance appointment should be made via Docrates epayment immediately after appointment booking. Link to epayments. More detailed payment instructions can be received from our booking service.


Cancellation Policy

We arrange doctor’s appointments and examinations for our clients quickly and flexibly. To ensure this, it is important for us that you cancel your appointment if for some reason you are unable to attend. The reservation can be canceled via customer service by phone on 010 773 2010. If you have booked an appointment through our online appointment booking, you can also cancel the appointment at the online appointment reservation service. The booked time must be canceled no later than 24 hours before its start. For non-cancellable or canceled less than 24 hours, we will have to charge the full price. The cancellation policy applies to all forms of reception. Clinic fee will be charged when canceling a confirmed booking.

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