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Docrates Cancer Center a leading treatment facility in the Europe specialising in the diagnostics, treatment and follow-up of cancer.

Docrates Cancer Center, based in Helsinki, Finland, is a leading international treatment facility specialising in the diagnostics, treatment and follow-up of cancers. The hospital opened its doors in 2007. In 2009, a brand new hospital was built in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, designed to meet our requirements. Located in the immediate vicinity of the city centre, it provides comprehensive service for cancer patients. Read more about the hospital’s history.

At Docrates, cancer patients receive individual service under one roof throughout the duration of the treatment and follow-up. We have harnessed our state-of-the-art technology and the uncompromising competence of our cancer treatment specialists for the best benefit of our patients – accompanied by genuine caring. At Docrates, each patient is assigned a personal care team, personal doctor and primary nurse, who all support patients and their families and are easy to reach. Read more about examinations and treatments and Docrates’ philosophy.

Docrates is a completely Finnish-owned private hospital. The largest owner is Aava Terveyspalvelut Oy. The other owners include founder shareholders, minor shareholders and a number of Finnish family-owned companies. Approximately 30% of our patients come from outside of Finland; so far, we have received patients from over 60 different countries. This makes Docrates a very important exporter of health care services. Docrates is the only private cancer hospital in the Nordic countries.

In 2019, our revenue amounted to EUR 19,1 million and we had over 18,000 patient visits. The hospital has a permanent staff of over 60 and more than 30 cancer treatment specialists working as external clinical experts. See the list of specialists working at Docrates.

The Chief Executive Officer of Docrates is Ilpo Tolonen. Chief Clinical Director Tom Wiklund is in charge of clinical operations.

Docrates Cancer Center supplements the services provided by public health care: we also treat patients whose treatments are paid for by municipalities or employers. Many voluntary medical expense insurances cover treatment at Docrates Cancer Center. Furthermore, some patients coming from other countries receive compensation for the treatment from their own country on the basis of the EU Patient Directive.

We invest in clinical research and co-operation with pharmaceutical companies and equipment suppliers who engage in product development. Together with our network of leading clinical experts, we provide our patients with state-of-the-art cancer therapies, cutting-edge know-how and, whenever possible, the opportunity to choose experimental treatments.

An inpatient ward and laboratory services are available. We provide comprehensive treatment for our patients: our services also include supplementary well-being and health services.

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  • Top cancer experts and effective treatments without delay even during epidemic.
  • Individual care. You have your own care team - your doctor and your nurse.
  • Front line cancer treatment. Latest medical technology combined with proven expertise in cancer care.
  • Experience in treating international patients from over 60 countries. Multilingual personnel.
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