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Artist Teemu Järvi’s nature-themed art delights customers at Docrates Cancer Center

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The collaboration between the artist known for his nature-themed illustrations and the Cancer Center began in summer 2019 when the hospital revamped its range of gifts. Järvi specialises in nature themes and his work covers a wide range of art prints, book and magazine illustrations and everyday items. The healing power of nature in the form of Finnish art graphics is also a natural fit with the ideology of Docrates.

The Cancer Center is located along the canal of Jätkäsaari, and the patient facilities have a view of the sea. Nature has been very present in the hospital’s operations ever since its foundation. In connection with the major renovation of the hospital, which started at the beginning of the year, there was a desire to deepen the collaboration with Järvi even further, as Järvi’s art and its ideology were felt to be a good match for the hospital.

“We especially wanted Järvi’s art graphics for our hotel-like inpatient ward. The intention was to create a unique and warm inpatient ward, where our patients would feel comfortable while staying in the hospital,” says Anna-Sofia Malmi, Docrates’ Marketing and Communications Director.

“I was interested in working with Docrates Cancer Center because my art is meant to delight the viewer. I hope that the images of woodland animals will transport the viewer to the peace of nature. The calming effect of nature inspires me both in my art and in my own life, in both difficult and joyful moments,” says artist Teemu Järvi.

In response to the wishes of the staff, the animal themes of Järvi were chosen for the hospital’s inpatient ward to add themes to the patient rooms with door stickers. A nature landscape made on MDF by using UV printing was also created for the hospital’s inpatient ward. The nurses of the inpatient ward were involved in coming up with ideas for the landscape.

“The hospital’s colour scheme and environment are now very calming. Nature and animal-themed artworks make us feel like we are part of nature. You forget that you’re working in a hospital when it feels so homelike and cosy. The cosiness has increased even more with this naturally beautiful art,” say the nurses from Docrates.

The healing power of nature close to the patient

Teemu Järvi’s work stems from a deep experience of nature. Järvi spends most of the year in the forest and on the water. He gathers or catches the models and many of the tools for his art himself. This creates products that build a bridge between busy urban life and ancient, soothing nature.

“Docrates Cancer Center is located in the capital’s urban environment, but the proximity to the sea brings the peace of nature and its healing power close to every patient. Almost all of the patient facilities offer a view of the sea,” Teemu Järvi says. A lot of wood has also been used in the hospital spaces.

The values of Docrates Cancer Center and Teemu Järvi are in harmony

The entire renovation of the hospital was carried out by relying on sustainable solutions and choosing eco-friendly options.

Teemu Järvi’s art respects nature not only through its theme, but also through sustainable production. All the art is made sustainably, using high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. The artworks and products are created by using methods that emphasise craftsmanship, and Järvi uses traditional ways of working, such as working with a reed pen.

“The ideology of Teemu Järvi’s art truly resonates with us, and it was precisely the animal and nature-themed art graphics of Järvi that were the clear choice for our hospital facilities. In addition to the skilfully made art, the various nature-themed motifs create a calming atmosphere in the spaces and bring a piece of Finnish forest and nature to be admired by our patients. Our foreign patients greatly appreciate Finnish art, and nature and forest motifs like this are familiar to everyone around the world,” Malmi says.

The renovation of the hospital was carried out in cooperation with the design and architecture firm Kohina. 

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