Docrates Cancer Center was established in 2007. From the very beginning, operations have been driven by a desire to treat each patient individually, providing prompt and high-quality cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Specialist in medical oncology and radiation therapy Timo Joensuu wished to create a hospital which would be built from the patient’s perspective and would be able to offer everything that a cancer patient might need. Two physicists Pekka Aalto and Harri Puurunen believed in this ambitious project and joined it. Docrates Ltd was founded in 2006 and its actual operations started in the premises of Eira hospital in October 2007 with specialists’ appointments and drug therapy. A number of minor investors also joined the project. A new building was built specially for Docrates Cancer Center in Jätkäsaari, which was opened in April 2009, offering also radiation therapy and imaging studies among its services. This is when Helsingin Lääkärikeskus became the major investor for Docrates.

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Accurate information on aggressiveness and tumor staging form the basis for prostate cancer treatment

In western countries, prostate cancer is the most common cancer type in men. In its early stages, it is often...

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Should low-risk prostate cancer be left to active monitoring?

Active treatment vs. monitoring of localised low-risk prostate cancer has long been a contested topic. According to the results of...

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Docrates uses the newest drug therapies for breast cancer

New cancer drugs are being developed all the time, and new uses are being found for drugs already in use....

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“The future of cancer treatment” is already a reality in Finland – gene profiling may benefit all cancer patients

- Gene profiling is a new method for examining the characteristics of cancer tumors, which is currently useful in the...

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  • Top cancer experts and effective treatments without delay.
  • Individual care. You have your own care team - your doctor and your nurse.
  • Front line cancer treatment. Latest medical technology combined with proven expertise in cancer care.
  • Experience in treating international patients from over 60 countries. Multilingual personnel.
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