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Docrates Cancer Center was established in 2007. From the very beginning, operations have been driven by a desire to treat each patient individually, providing prompt and high-quality cancer diagnosis and treatment. Cancer Center is known for its pioneering cancer treatment, provided without delay.

Specialist in medical oncology and radiation therapy Timo Joensuu wished to create a hospital which would be built from the patient’s perspective and would be able to offer everything that a cancer patient might need. Two physicists Pekka Aalto and Harri Puurunen believed in this ambitious project and joined it.

Docrates Ltd was founded in 2006 and its actual operations started in the premises of Eira hospital in October 2007 with specialists’ appointments and drug therapy. A number of minor investors also joined the project.

A new building was built specially for cancer care in Jätkäsaari, which was opened in April 2009, offering also radiation therapy and imaging studies among its services. This is when Helsingin Lääkärikeskus (Aava) became the major investor for Docrates.

The aim of providing patients with state-of-the-art cancer therapies has guided the cancer center’s operations from the very beginning. Over the years, the hospital has invested in next-generation technology and imaging equipment, which have been designed to meet the demands of cancer diagnostics and individual treatment.

Important milestones

Important milestones reached in the adoption of the latest cancer treatment methods at the hospital include, for example, the first immunotherapy treatment in breast cancer in Finland in 2015, and radiopharmaceutical therapy in treating metastatic prostate cancer was introduced in 2017. Radiopharmaceutical therapy makes it possible to effectively destroy metastases outside the bone structures and in bone metastases, without serious adverse effects.

Docrates is using the latest treatments for breast cancer, such as trastuzumab deruxtecan and sacituzumab govitecan, which prolong survival in patients with advanced breast cancer. These treatment methods also alleviate symptoms and allow for more patients to be treated.

Development over the years

– Over the years, we have developed our hospital by expanding as well as through recruiting specialists and investing in state-of-the-art equipment and drug therapies. It is important for us that our patients are required to wait after cancer is suspected or has already been diagnosed, but they have access to thorough examinations and treatment without delay. Treatment follow-up is carried out through a digital service which regularly measures the quality of life. Through our prompt customer service, we aim to minimise the risk of the aggressive cancer spreading, as well as the suffering caused by waiting. The use of our extensive early cancer detection models has considerably increased over the years,” says Ilpo Tolonen, CEO, Docrates Cancer Center.

Foreign patients have been treated at Docrates for more than ten years. Docrates has treated almost 2,500 foreign patients from more than 60 countries since 2019.

Docrates Cancer Center has been offering individual and prompt cancer treatment and care already for over 15 years. Today, the cancer canter has almost 100 employees who enable our patients to receive the best possible treatment with the latest treatment methods and meet each patient as an individual, one step ahead – as a person next to a person.