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The customer commits to complying with these terms and conditions by using the website of Docrates Cancer Center.


The content of the website is owned by Docrates Cancer Center Ltd (Saukonpaadenranta 2, 00180 Helsinki, Finland) that operates as the primary service provider (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “Docrates”). Using the website and information contained within is permitted for personal, non-commercial use. Otherwise, the copying, transferring, distribution or storing the content of the website in part of in full in any form is forbidden without an advance consent from the Company.

The use of press releases and other public documents in public communication in contexts in accordance with good manners is allowed when the source of the information is mentioned.


The Company has the right to change the terms and conditions, content or services of the website without an advance notification.


The Company aims to provide valid and up-to-date information on the website, but the uninterrupted and incorrect operations of the website cannot be guaranteed. The Company is not liable for direct or indirect damages caused by the availability or inaccuracy of the website or services.


The website may contain links and connections to third-party websites and so-called social plug-ins (for instance, Facebook community plug-ins). The plug-ins on the Company’s website maintained by a third party are downloaded from the servers of these services. In these cases, the third parties may set their own cookies. The third party’s terms and conditions are applied to these services provided by a third party or applications transmitted by a third party on the Company’s website and services.


The confidentiality of e-mails sent in an open information network cannot be guaranteed. Users should avoid sending sensitive data or otherwise confidential messages to Docrates in an e-mail that is not encrypted. Docrates offers secure data transfer solutions for transmitting confidential data. You can contact our personnel for more information about these.


The website uses cookies to produce the Company’s services, develop the services, improve the user experience of the website and target marketing. Cookies are text files sent to the user’s own computer and stored there. Cookies do not harm users’ computers or files. Cookies are used to collect the following data, for instance: downloaded websites, browser type, operating system, time and date. You can disable cookies from the browser settings if you so wish. If cookies are disabled, it may lead to some services slowing down or access to some website being denied completely.

Marketing, targeted advertisements

These cookies are used to track browsing methods and activity. We use this information to show you targeted/personalised marketing content. By using these cookies, we can collect personal information and use it for targeted advertising and/or to disclose it for third parties for the same purpose. All of the activities tracked and stored by these cookies may be disclosed to external parties. You can forbid the targeting of targeted advertising as a whole or on a company-specific bases using the YourOnlineChoices website.

Trackers we use: Meta, Google Analytics, Adform tracking, Taboola, Readpeak script and Leadoo.

Leadoo user tracking

We use Leadoo’s tracking service to follow what users are doing on the site and combine this behavioral data with other data we can gather from e.g. chat interactions. Leadoo uses etag tracking in order to hook together the same users behavior over several sessions – in practice this works similarly to cookie based tracking. Please check out Leadoo Marketing Technologies Ltd’s Privacy Policy (https://leadoo.com/privacy-policy/) for more information on what is tracked and what your rights are. Leadoo works as the Processor and we work as the Controller for the data in terms of GDPR. You can stop the tracking by emptying your browser’s cache after the visit. For more on how Leadoo works as a GDPR compliant processor, see https://leadoo.com/privacy-policy-processor/

For additional information about marketing tracking, please contact the marketing and communications department of Docrates Cancer Center, tel. +358 (0)10 773 2000.


Some sections of the website may ask you to provide personal data, for instance, in connection with booking an appointment or submitting a request for contact. Docrates Cancer Center processes personal data carefully in accordance with the applicable data privacy legislation and ensures the implementation of privacy protection in processing personal data. The collected data may be stored in the person registers of Docrates Cancer Center in which cases the data is used for the purposes defined in the privacy statements.

The data subject may check their personal data by contacting Docrates Cancer Center. Docrates Cancer Center will rectify or erase any incomplete, erroneous or outdated personal data upon request.

For additional information about the processing of personal data, please contact Harri Puurunen, tel. + 358 10 773 2010.


Finnish legislation is applied to these terms and conditions and any possible disputes arising from the Company’s website or their content, excluding regulations about the conflict of laws. Any possible disputes are handled at the District Court of Helsinki.

Docrates Cancer Center Ltd, 14 March 2018

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