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Services and quality

Our hospital is specialised in the diagnostics, treatment and follow-up of cancer diseases.

If you have any questions related to the quality of service, drug trials, sales or partnerships, contact our experts or leave customer feedback.

The email format is

Heli Littunen

Service Director
Docrates Cancer Center
+358 50 500 1886

Juha Kononen

Chief Clinical Director
Docrates Cancer Center

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Sofia Lemmetti-Mokkila

Executive Assistant,
Docrates Cancer Center
Registered Nurse
+358 50 550 0197

Team supervisors

Minna Adams

Imaging, radiation therapy and inpatient ward
Docrates Cancer Center
Team Supervisor
+358 50 500 1842


Lotta von Sybel

Docrates Cancer Center
Team Supervisor
050 555 0071

Daniela Mikkilä

Drug Therapy
Docrates Cancer Center
Team Supervisor
+358 50 550 0162

Kiira Sulasalmi

Counselling nurses
Docrates Cancer Center
Team Supervisor
+358 50 500 1875

Clinical Drug Trials

Henna Lundenius

Clinical drug trials
Docrates Cancer Center
Research Coordinator
+358 50 500 1895

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Heidi Päivärinta

Clinical drug trials
Docrates Cancer Center
Research Coordinator
+358 50 500 1856

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Safety and security the core of Docrates Cancer Center operations

Docrates Cancer Center’s facilities designed for modern cancer treatment

Docrates Cancer Center was established in 2009 at Saukonpaadenranta 2, Helsinki, Finland. Docrates is designed for cancer diagnostics and treatment. Safety and security are an essential part of Docrates’ strategy and core operations.

Our target in safety is zero harm to our customers, environment, personnel and assets, and zero unplanned disruptions in our operations and services.

Wellbeing and safety part of management agenda

Occupational health and safety issues are managed, and risks are regularly analyzed through safety observations at Docrates. Process safety is related to the site where the cancer center is located. Docrates also constantly takes into account changes in the operating environment and changes taking place at the site. Docrates ensures that permits, building regulations and radiation safety are taken into account in the operation of the site.

Patient safety and occupational health secured in cancer diagnostic and treatment

“It’s important, that our cancer center premises are used in a safe manner and properly maintained. We review safety risks regularly and develop it together with our partners to improve the safety of our work and our environment. We constantly collect safety findings that help us prevent material damage and accidents, and at the same time ensure that we constantly improve our daily operations,” says Ilpo Tolonen, CEO, Docrates Cancer Center.

Quality-certified activities

Docrates Cancer Center was awarded ISO 9001 certification in 2022. The certification is proof that the company is systematic and customer-oriented in its quality development. The certification covers the hospital activities (diagnostics, treatments and research activities), the management system and the support functions.

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Patient story: Hannu Nurmio – Aiming for a normal everyday life

Hannu Nurmio was aware that prostate cancer is the most common cancer in older men. However, after the diagnosis was confirmed,...

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The temporary technical problem in the data network connections has been corrected

A temporary technical problem occurred in the data network connections of Docrates Cancer Center has now been corrected. We apologise...

Early detection of colorectal cancer significantly improves treatment prognosis

Early detection of colorectal cancer is crucial for successful treatment. If diagnosed early, up to 90% of cancers can be...

Docrates is the first to launch a new type of alpha radiation therapy in the Nordic region

Docrates Cancer Center is the first service provider in the Nordic region to launch a new experimental alpha radiation treatment...

Why come to Docrates Cancer Center?

  • Top cancer experts and effective treatments without delay.
  • Individual care. You have your own care team - your doctor and your nurse.
  • Front line cancer treatment. Latest medical technology combined with proven expertise in cancer care.
  • Experience in treating international patients from over 60 countries. Multilingual personnel.
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