Cancer treatment

There are more and more effective treatment options available for cancer treatment. The three basic lines of treatment are radiation therapy and drug treatments and surgical treatment. In addition, at Docrates, we utilize the latest immuno-oncological and radioisotope therapies and targeted drugs.

Today, cancer treatment involves a wider and wider range of increasingly effective treatment options. The three main types of treatment are surgery, radiotherapy and drug therapy. In addition to the aforementioned, we offer treatment with radioisotopes (i.e. radionuclide therapy), which is becoming more and more common treatment method in the treatment of different types of cancer. Modern cancer treatment is increasingly based on combinations of several different methods in their appropriate order.

To choose the best possible treatment, detailed information is required on the exact location, spread and cell type of the cancer. Treatment is planned by a multidisciplinary team of experts that includes an oncologist (a cancer specialist), a radiologist (a specialist in obtaining and interpreting medical images) and a pathologist.

To achieve the best possible results it is vital to start treatment as early as possible. At Docrates Cancer Center treatment can be started as soon as the necessary information has been collected and the patient’s condition allows.

Cancer treatment at Docrates Center extends from initial diagnosis through to post-treatment follow-up. Surgery, when necessary, is arranged with top clinicians that we know and trust.

In view of the good treatment results and the number of treatment options available, treatment decisions are made by the doctor and patient together; this ensures that the patient is aware of the potential benefits and adverse effects of the treatment chosen. The aim is to guarantee optimal quality of life, even during cancer treatment.

It is important for both patients and their loved ones that sufficient information and support are available throughout the treatment process. At Docrates Cancer Center, patients receive a contact number allowing them to contact a member of the treatment team whenever they feel the need.

At Docrates Cancer Hospital, an hour and a half is usually set aside for the first visit. The change in life caused by the illness raises questions in the sufferer and those close to him or her, which are particularly important to go through. It is important for the well-being of the patient and their loved ones that adequate information and support is available throughout the treatment process. From Docrates, the patient receives a contact number from their care team, which they can call whenever they feel needed.

On these pages you will find useful information on the treatment of various cancers. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the treatment of different cancers, we treat almost 30 different types of cancer in our hospital. You can also call us and we will be happy to tell you more about individual cancer care.

Different treatments for cancer

Combination therapy

In the treatment of cancer, combination therapy is often used, which means combining different forms of treatment, such as surgery, radiation therapy, and medication. This can improve treatment outcomes.


Adjunctive therapies (adjuvant therapies) are complementary therapies. For example, radiotherapy or medication given after surgical treatment is adjunctive therapy. Adjunctive therapy ensures the destruction of cancer cells and also improves the patient’s prognosis.

Support Care

From the point of view of quality of life, it is very important for a person with cancer to pay attention to their overall health and well-being. The patient often needs medical rehabilitation. Mental symptoms are often coped with by the patient with the support of close and dedicated caregivers. If mental symptoms persist for a long time or make life difficult, for example, psychotherapy may be helpful in a difficult situation.

Supportive care relieves the symptoms of cancer or its treatments. Examples include anti-nausea during cytostatic treatments and pain management.

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