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Krista’s story: Breast cancer


Designing a new life When Krista Jännäri, an art director who runs her own advertising agency, received an invitation for…

Per`s story: Prostate cancer


Per Fagerlund, 75, from Gothenburg had his PSA value measured when he was 68. PSA is a protein in the…

Maaria’s story: Breast cancer


A daughter’s story As told by Pauliina, 25 It was a beautiful autumn Thursday in September 2011. I was expecting…

Helge’s and Aud’s story


Many helping hands Furniture and home electronics shop owner Helge Viken, 61, was vacationing in Spain last autumn when he…

Olavi’s year


Master of invention  For Olavi “Olli” Lehto, who just celebrated his 78th birthday in late August, coming up with solutions to…

Claes’ story

Vår patient Claes Lund

Men’s health Six months after completing his successful treatment for prostate cancer, Claes Lund opens the door of Docrates Cancer…

Lars Murman’s story

Docrates Syöpäsairaalan aula. Lobby.

The life-changing news In the winter of 2013, Lars Murman was stricken with prostate cancer. Lars is a business leader…

Kenneth`s story


“When I step into Docrates, it feels like coming home to someone; the ambiance is cosy and welcoming.” Thus Kenneth…