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Prepare for your arrival at Docrates

To ensure that your first visit to our hospital runs smoothly and your doctor has time to review your situation in advance, we ask that you review the information below.

Prior to arrival

In order for the first visit to the hospital to run smoothly and for the doctor to get to know your situation, please read the information below.

1. Patient Consent Form

We require consent to the storage of your patient data in the Docrates Patient Register and the disclosure of a care relationship, if required, between other healthcare professionals involved in the centralized registry involved in the treatment.

We kindly ask you to fill in the form and  send it to us as a scanned attachment via security e-mail or fax to +358 10 773 2099.

Consolidated Consent to Save, Procure and Release Patient Information >>

NOTE. Please bring the original data protection form when you arrive at the first reception or send it to us by post to Docrates Cancer Center, Saukonpaadenranta 2, 00180 Helsinki.

2. Preliminary Information Form

If you are coming to Docrates Cancer Center for the first time, we also ask you to fill out a Preliminary Information Form.

The information related to your health and illness mapped by the Preliminary Information Form may be relevant to the assessment of cancer risk factors and to the planning and implementation of your treatment. Some of the information is often not reflected in copies of medical records. When the prerequisites are as complete as possible, during the appointment you can focus on current illness and its treatment.

In order for Docrates to make your first visit as smooth as possible, it is a good idea to send in the Preliminary Information Form in advance. We kindly ask you to fill in the form and send it to us as a scanned attachment via security email or fax to +358 10 773 2099

Preliminary Information Form >>

3. Other documents required in advance

Before the first visit, no later than 24 hours before the reception, we ask you to provide us with the patient records, ie patient reports related to the disease in question, possible surgical reports and pathologist statements, laboratory responses, images and imaging statements.

You can deliver the documents to us either on site or electronically by security e-mail. We do not recommend sending material by mail to ensure that the necessary information is available to us in a timely manner.

Prepayments and trip preparation


Based on the preliminary plan, the coordinating nurse will provide you with information about the cost of the first visit and possible diagnostic procedures, as well as instruct how to make an advance payment through an electronic payment system.

Visa application

Clinic patients and their accompanying persons are entitled to an expedited visa without additional fees. Please contact our Contact Center for more information.

Trip preparation

Our clinic has a wide list of partners and we will be happy to help you organize your trip. For additional information, please call: +358 10 773 2010

First appointment

For the first visit, we ask you to arrive about 30 minutes before the start of appointment or diagnostic procedure, and to reserve enough time for the examinations. Unless otherwise instructed, you can dine normally before your first visit.

When you arrive to Docrates for the first time, register at the first floor reception.  From there you will be directed to the right place.

Docrateen multidisciplinary care team will make sure that you get the best possible care. Our nursing staff will be present, listening and keeping you up to date on what’s next. This allows you to focus on the essential, the healing.

At the first visit, you will also see a Counseling Nurse after the doctor’s appointment, who will give you the necessary instructions and advise and guide you on matters related to your treatment.

Refreshments and fruit are available on the first and second floors of the hospital. Note. during the coronavirus epidemic, there are no servings for safety reasons.

It is easy to get to the hospital by public transport and your own car. Learn more about arrival directions and parking here.

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