Imaging and diagnosing cancer

The Docrates Imaging Unit offers high-quality and versatile diagnostic and imaging services.

Experienced personal and state-of-the-art technology – all under one roof

We have a unique range of imaging equipment designed specifically to meet the needs of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

We offer, among other things, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI / MRI) for anatomical and radiological imaging, as well as SPECT-TT gamma imaging and PET-TT isotope imaging for metabolic and functional imaging. We are the only private operator in Finland that has a PET-CT device. We utilize ultrasound examination in particular as a complementary method to other imaging.

At Docrates Cancer Center, diagnosis is the uncompromising teamwork of a multidisciplinary team of experts.

At Docrates Cancer Center, diagnosis is the uncompromising teamwork of a multidisciplinary team of experts. The hospital’s permanent staff includes experienced radiologists and specialists in isotope medicine, who are able to quickly interpret, utter, and consult with the attending physician when viewing images.

All of our equipment is located in our hospital and we are therefore able to tailor each client with immediate access to the necessary examinations.

Carefully planned imaging is a key part of the treatment path at Docrates

Accurate imaging is needed in cancer diagnosis and treatment planning, as accurate diagnosis is a key factor in the effectiveness of treatments. Your personal doctor at Docrates will determine the imaging studies and expert care staff needed for each patient.

With the latest technology, we are able to provide unprecedentedly accurate studies of the location, quality, and prevalence of cancer. With PET-CT imaging, it is possible to detect changes that cannot be detected by other methods. An example of this is metastases in normal-sized lymph nodes whose increased metabolism can be detected by PET examination.

With the latest technology, we are able to provide unprecedentedly accurate research.

The location and nature of cancer is often revealed by combining different techniques. Docrates uses a so-called hybrid method, in which an SPECT / PET image is combined with a CT image, which gives the isotope dimension an anatomical dimension, and the location of the object to be imaged is specified.

We always update the descriptions already taken as needed, so that our operations are always based on up-to-date information. If the patient has fresh and appropriate images ready, we will also be able to take advantage of them.

Molecular profiling in support of cancer treatment

In our cancer treatments, we utilize information about the inheritance of both humans and cancer. We have a number of different genetic and other tests at our disposal, the idea of which is to get more information about which drugs should be used (e.g., targeted drugs) and which drugs should be avoided because of their likely ineffectiveness through accurate tumor profiling.

Tests may also be helpful in determining the origin of cancer in situations where advanced cancer is found without an obvious precancerous tumor. Tests can also provide additional information when assessing the prognosis of cancer.


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