Docrates Cancer Center has a unique range of imaging equipment designed specifically to meet the needs of cancer diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Our range of imaging services include CT and MRI scans for anatomic and radiographic imaging as well as isotopic imaging (SPECT-CT & PET-CT) for metabolic and functional imaging. Ultrasound examinations are used as a complementary imaging method.

Carefully designed imaging studies are key part of the cancer care at Docrates

In cancer treatment, the development trend is a more precise diagnosis, which strongly affects the success of the treatments themselves. Cancer diagnostics and the planning of further treatment require accurate imaging as a tool. The attending doctor defines the necessary imaging examinations for each patient. The clinical expertise of leading specialists of the imaging unit of Docrates Cancer Center combined with latest imaging modalities allow obtaining specific information on the location, type and staging of the cancer.

The location and nature of cancer can often be brought out with millimeter precision by combining different techniques. In imaging, Docrates utilizes so called hybrid method, which is based on combining SPECT or PET with CT, which gives the radioisotope image an anatomical perspective that gives further help to the diagnosis of the subject.

We repeat already taken imaging according to need so that we always operate according to up-to-date information. If the patient already has fresh and appropriate images ready, we can utilise them – unnecessary repeated examinations are not performed.

Skilled personnel and latest technology – all under one roof

The expertise of the treatment personnel plays a key role in imaging examinations and the establishment of a precise diagnosis. At Docrates Cancer Center, diagnostics comprises the uncompromising team work of a multi-professional team of experts: key roles are played by Merja Raade, Chief Radiologist, and Chief Physician of Nuclear Medicine Jukka Kemppainen, together with the hospital physicists and the attending specialist doctor.

The strength of our comprehensive and top-quality imaging center in cancer treatment is the genuine opportunity to select the optimal imaging technique from the point of view of every patient and cancer type. All equipment is located physically under the same roof, which allows us to tailor undelayed access to the necessary examinations for each patient.

Why come to Docrates Cancer Center?

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  • Front line cancer treatment: latest medical technology combined with proven expertise in cancer care
  • Experience in treating international patients: patients from over 60 countries, multilingual personnel

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