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Mammography is a breast X-ray that helps us examine the structure of the breast and locate any changes in need of medical attention. In mammography, the breasts are usually imaged from two or three angles, if necessary. If you have had a mammography in the past, our radiologist can compare the images to find even the slightest changes.

Docrates Cancer Center offers quick access to mammography and ultrasound examination with our experienced breast radiologist, Matti Kestilä. Our professional radiographer conducts the imaging, after which Matti Kestilä analyses the images and conducts an ultrasound right away.

If you have had a mammography without an ultrasound, you can have the ultrasound at our centre. The combination of mammography and ultrasound is much more efficient in finding breast cancer than mammography alone. If you want us to conduct an ultrasound in addition to your previous mammography, please bring your mammography images with you on a CD-ROM when arriving for your ultrasound examination.

An abnormal finding in a mammography or ultrasound is not enough to confirm a breast cancer diagnosis. If any suspicious changes are discovered in mammography and/or ultrasound, the first step is usually to take ultrasound-guided tissue samples. If anything indicative of cancer is found in the tissue sample, we usually recommend a breast MRI which is sensitive enough to find cancerous growth that may not be revealed in mammography or in ultrasound examination. This additional information is important when planning breast cancer treatment.

All the aforementioned and other examinations and treatments can be arranged under one roof at Docrates Cancer Center.

Missing a referral?

Docrates Mammography does not require a referral. If you do not have a referral, we will first book a 10-minute specialist’s appointment for you (EUR 40). The specialist assesses the situation and decides whether you need an ultrasound and/or a mammography. Any necessary examinations are conducted right away.

Matti Kestilä – decades of experience in breast imaging and mammography

Radiologi Matti KestiläMatti Kestilä is a popular and well-liked mammography specialist who truly cares for his patients. Kestilä’s special expertise includes mammography, breast ultrasound and MRI scans and breast examinations after implant surgery. He also does ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration or core-needle biopsies of breast tissue and other organs as well as other ultrasound-guided punctures and injections of joints, among others. Kestilä has conducted 140,000 clinical mammographies, 60,000 screening mammographies, including confirmation examinations, and more than 1,300 breast MRIs.

Ask for more and book your mammography from our nurse at 010 773 2000.
In addition to mammography, also ultrasound examination is included in the examination at Docrates Cancer Center. The examination is accomplished by our experienced breast radiologist Matti Kestilä. If further examinations are needed, they can be arranged quickly under one roof. The price for mammography and ultrasound examination is 200€ + office fee 28€. Our physician’s consultation and referral cost 40 €. Matti Kestilä discusses with you of your situation and gives a medical statement right away. You are important to us. Call and ask for more!

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