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3D mammography and ultrasound

In its examinations, Docrates Cancer Center uses an advanced, next-generation 3D mammography technique called tomosynthesis. Our experienced professionals are here to help you. Learn more and book an appointment.

What is tomosynthesis?

Tomosynthesis is a so-called next-generation 3D mammography technique. It is an X-ray that helps us examine the structure of the breast and locate any changes in need of medical attention. Compared to traditional mammography, 3D mammography is more precise, which helps us find tumors at an even earlier stage. Diagnosing the cancer early, before it spreads elsewhere, improves the prognosis. A small tumor also offers better prerequisites for breast-conserving surgery.

3D mammography makes it easier to find tumors in dense breasts that contain more connective and/or glandular tissue. In traditional mammography, changes in a dense breast structure may be difficult to detect.

The new device also includes plates that are shaped to make the examination more comfortable.

The radiation dose produced by the tomosynthesis device is the same as in traditional mammography.

Our experienced and friendly team welcomes you to Docrates Cancer Center

At Docrates Cancer Center, mammography screening is performed by experienced radiologists Matti Kestilä and Riitta Korpisaari. The team also includes a skilled radiographer.

Matti Kestilä

Matti Kestilä is a popular and well-liked mammography specialist who truly cares for his patients. He specialises in mammography, breast ultrasound and MRI, fine needle aspiration and core needle biopsies, among other things. Over his career, Kestilä has conducted 140,000 clinical mammographies, 60,000 screening mammographies and more than 1,300 breast MRIs.

Matti Kestilä

Riitta Korpisaari

Riitta Korpisaari has 10 years of experience in mammography, breast ultrasound and related procedures, such as core needle biopsies. Since graduating as Specialist in Radiology, she has worked at HUS Cancer Centre, among other places. Korpisaari always treats her patients with empathy and works tirelessly for their well-being.


What happens during the scan?

Your scan will be performed by a highly professional team, so you know you are in good hands. Our experienced experts will understand if you have fears and concerns and they will be mindful of your situation.

The 3D mammography will be performed by a radiographer, who will give you clear instructions throughout the scan. After this, the radiologist will analyse the images and carry out an ultrasound to supplement the data received from the mammography. If only one of these methods is used, some breast cancers may go undetected.

If any abnormal changes are discovered in the mammography and/or ultrasound, the first step is usually to take ultrasound-guided tissue samples. The potential breast cancer diagnosis is not confirmed until a pathologist examines the samples. If breast cancer is diagnosed, we usually recommend an additional breast MRI, which is sensitive enough to find cancerous growth that may not be revealed in the mammography or ultrasound. Finding the exact location of the tumor is important for planning the treatment.

We can organise any necessary additional examinations quickly and efficiently at Docrates Cancer Center.

How do I make an appointment?

You can book a mammography at Docrates Cancer Center by calling our customer service at +358 10 773 2010. If necessary, we also offer mammography scans without a referral. In that case, the doctor will evaluate your situation at our Cancer Center. If the doctor finds that an ultrasound and/or mammography scan is necessary, they will write a referral and the ultrasound or scan will be carried out immediately.

Price for 3D mammography

The total price for mammography and ultrasound is 304 €–338 € (+ office fee 32 € will be added). Patients arriving at the clinic without a referral will be charged 47 € for the doctor’s evaluation and referral.

For additional information about breast cancer diagnostics at Docrates, please contact our personnel at +358 10 773 2010 or by a contact request.

Arriving for the mammography

Mammography scans are performed at Docrates Cancer Center at Länsisatamankatu 16, Helsinki, area C, 3th floor. Our reception desk and cash register are right in the lobby.

Tips for your scan

  • If you have had a mammography in the past, our radiologist can compare the images to find even the slightest changes.
  • If you have recently had a mammography without an ultrasound, we can also perform only the ultrasound as a supplementary examination.
  • If you want our radiologist to compare your previous images with the new ones or you would like to have an ultrasound after recently having a mammography, please bring your previous mammography images with you on a CD-ROM when arriving for your examination.

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