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Treatment of breast cancer that has spread to brain

If the breast cancer has spread to the brain, stereotactic radiotherapy will be used to treat the metastases. If necessary, whole-brain radiation therapy is also possible. Patients with a limited number of metastases are suitable for stereotactic radiotherapy. Moreover, solitary brain metastases can also be removed surgically.

If there is reason to suspect brain metastases, MRI of the head will be performed. If the metastases are detected in the patient’s brain, it is important to start radiotherapy without delay in order to achieve a good treatment response.

Stereotactic radiotherapy to treat brain metastases is effective targeted therapy

Previously, whole-brain radiation therapy was used to treat brain metastases caused by breast cancer. Based on current information, stereotactic radiotherapy is an efficient form of therapy that causes fewer side effects than whole-brain radio therapy.

Stereotactic radiotherapy is a precisely targeted form of radiation therapy, in which it is possible to deliver the radiation dose to the tumour with maximum precision. Thanks to stereotactic radiotherapy it is possible to target a higher radiation dose to the metastasis, thus making the treatment more effective. In addition, the healthy brain tissue around the tumour will be protected from needless radiation, which helps to avoid any long-term adverse effects, such as memory disorders.

At its best, stereotactic radiotherapy can be efficient in disposing of brain metastases completely. Bearing this in mind, radiation therapy always requires an accurate individually designed treatment plan for each patient. It is important that the team planning and performing radiation therapy includes experienced specialists who communicate among themselves effectively, while knowing the patient and his or her situation.

At Docrates Cancer Center, treatment of breast cancer with brain metastases can be started without delay

If the patient has no symptoms, radiotherapy for cancer in the head region can at Docrates Cancer Center be started already the same day. On the other hand, if the patient has symptoms caused by metastases in the brain, it is possible to use cortisone medication to relieve the symptoms before starting radiotherapy. Even in such cases, it is often possible to begin giving radiotherapy already on the following day after the start of drug administration. In order to achieve good results, it is important that the treatment is started without delay, whereupon damage caused by brain metastases has no time to get worse. According to current information, the best form of treatment for brain metastases is always radiotherapy, unless surgery is possible.

Our staff is dedicated to supporting our patients throughout the entire treatment path. Each patient’s treatment plan is implemented individually, and the patient receives a cost estimate of the planned therapy after the first visit.

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