Surgery is the primary treatment option for patients with localised breast cancer. Through Docrates patients can have the operation without delay. Sentinel lymph node mapping and any other necessary examinations are performed at Docrates before the operation. The specialists at Docrates recommend preoperative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for cancer staging.

At Docrates, the entire breast cancer treatment team, physicians and nurses work in close collaboration, and diagnostic and treatment equipment is located all under one roof. For the patient, this translates into fluent, quick, safe and efficient cancer treatment. Before an individually customised surgery, the patient meets at Docrates both the cancer physician and the experienced breast cancer surgeon Jari Viinikainen, who performs surgeries at Aava Hospital Kamppi or Helsinki Hospital.

The surgical team at the operating hospital and the patient’s personal doctor and counseling nurse at Docrates work together as a team to ensure that surgery is carried out promptly and with optimal results. If the cancer is small the breast can be conserved. In some cases, breast removal (mastectomy) is necessary. The breast can be reconstructed during the operation or once the treatments have been completed, depending on the patient’s situation at the outset.


After the surgery, a pathologist will thoroughly examine the malignant tumour that has been removed and determine the cancer type. Important factors with regard to recurrence risk and the choice of treatment include the degree of malignancy of the tumour, the expression of hormone receptors on the cell surface, the cell proliferation rate and the potential expression of HER-2.

An appointment with a physiotherapist (for manual lymph drainage therapy, for example) can be arranged after the operation. The physiotherapist can provide home care instructions on matters such as improvement of mobility in the operated area, scar care and general well-being.

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