External radiotherapy of prostate cancer

Docrates Cancer Center has extensive imaging equipment and excellent clinical imaging experts. Therefore, we can very accurately determine the location of the tumor to be treated.

The information provided by advanced imaging studies, together with cutting-edge radiotherapy equipment, allows us to minimize the adverse effects of treatment and yet deliver a higher dose of radiation to the tumor. This has been shown to improve survival rates.

At Docrates, radiotherapy is always planned by a team of experts. The team may include a urologist, a specialist in oncology and radiotherapy, a nuclear medicine specialist, a radiologist, a radiographer and a medical physicist.

External radiotherapy

In external radiotherapy, radiation is usually produced with particle accelerators. Docrates has two modern Varian accelerators with the latest technical innovations. Depending on the patient’s wishes, we will explain the functioning and technology of the radiotherapy unit before the first treatment session.

A cycle of curative radiotherapy typically takes eight weeks and the treatment is administered five days a week. Each session takes about 15 minutes.

RapidArc radiotherapy

RapidArc radiotherapy takes into account the actual form of the tumor. It is the most advanced form of external radiotherapy, combining the best features of the previously developed stereotactic radiotherapy and intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT).

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