The STHLM3 test and the Proclarix test complement the diagnostics of prostate cancer

The STHLM3 and Proclarix tests are blood tests that supplement the diagnosis of early prostate cancer. These tests are good tools in a situation where the PSA is moderately low or only slightly elevated, and there is no complete certainty about the actual cancer in the prostate. Docrate has advanced technology, the latest research and experienced staff to diagnose prostate cancer.

If cancer is suspected, for example, based on an elevated PSA or abnormal prostate examination, physician will order additional tests to make a diagnosis, such as the Proclarix test, the STHLM3 test, and / or the magnetic prostate test.

What is the STHLM3 test?

Stockholm3 test (STHLM3) is a blood test by means of which it is possible to assess the risk of prostate cancer better than with a mere PSA test. STHLM3 reveals the cancer risk even lower PSA values (1,5-3 ng/ml) and reduces the number of prostate biopsies, i.e. tissue samples. If the STHLM3 test result is negative, a tissue sample need not necessarily be taken even if PSA was elevated (> 3 ng/ml). Furthermore, STHLM3 is an efficient test for distinguishing between aggressive prostate cancer and more benign cancer.

The STHLM3 test combines information from five protein markers (total PSA, free PSA, hK2, MSMB and MIC-1), more than a hundred genetic tracers and clinical data (age, previous tissue samples, family history in prostate cancer, and, in some cases, an assessment of the structure and size of the prostate by a physician).

The tests are taken in cooperation with Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden, which is the developer of the test. The STHLM3 test has been assessed in a survey of almost 60,000 Swedish men, and the results have been published in the Lancet Oncology magazine in 2015 (Lancet 2015. Vol 16, no 16. p. 1667–1676).

For whom?

The STHLM3 test could replace the PSA test in all men aged 50–70. Furthermore, the STHLM3 test can be taken in cases when the PSA value is > 1,5.

STHLM3 is not suitable for men previously diagnosed with or cured of prostate cancer.

You can apply for the test directly from our appointments service.

How does the STHLM3 test work?

The STHLM3 test is a normal blood sample. The patient receives the test result from Karolinska Hospital. The result indicates the risk of prostate cancer on a risk scale—reduced, normal or elevated—and issues a clear recommendation for further examinations and/or follow-up.

Diagnostics develops continuously

The recommendations issued on the basis of the STHLM3 result may change as new research reveals more information.

The new Proclarix blood test complements the PSA test

In March 2021, Docrates was the first in Finland to introduce a new blood test that supports PSA tests, Proclarix, for the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

A new blood test is a good tool in situations where the patient’s PSA level is slightly elevated and there is no complete certainty about the actual cancer in the prostate. Proclarix is indicated for the diagnosis of prostate cancer in patients with elevated PSA (2-10 ng / ml) and an enlarged prostate. The Proclarix test provides a risk reading that has been shown to be reliable in making clinically significant prostate cancer findings. The blood test has been validated in international studies.

For more information, call our appointment number 010 773 2010.

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