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There are already close 100 professionals specialized in cancer research and treatment working at Docrates Cancer Center, Helsinki. In addition, there are independent professionals in our team who have a vast experience of treating various types of cancer.

Our personnel are dedicated to helping and supporting our patients

The hospital offers an interesting front-row seat in modern cancer treatment to its customer service-oriented employees, as well as an enjoyable working conditions and broad job specifications together with opportunities for development. Docrates Cancer Center is known for its pioneering cancer treatment, provided without delay.

The hospital’s value proposition: as one human being to another

Docrates employs close to 100 motivated experts who are committed to treating patients in accordance with the hospital’s value proposition: as one human being to another. The hospital invests in internationalisation and serves its customer in many languages. Each patient has their own designated personal doctor and care team, who are available and present every step of the way along the treatment path, offering all the necessary information and support in the patient’s new situation in life.

– Over the years, we have developed our hospital by expanding as well as through recruiting specialists and investing in state-of-the-art equipment and drug therapies. It is important for us that our patients are required to wait after cancer is suspected or has already been diagnosed, but they have access to thorough examinations and treatment without delay.  Through our prompt customer service, we aim to minimise the risk of the aggressive cancer spreading, as well as the suffering caused by waiting. The use of our extensive early cancer detection models has considerably increased over the years,” says Ilpo Tolonen, CEO, Docrates Cancer Center.

Are You the new expert in Docrates?

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Are You the new expert in Docrates?

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