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Health and Recovery Center

Docrates Health and Recovery Center provides a wide range of rehabilitation and wellness services for cancer patients and their families before, during and after treatments.

To maintain an optimal quality of life, a holistic approach addressing all aspects of the cancer patient’s health and well-being is essential. The patient often needs medical rehabilitation. Support from family members and our committed nursing staff is often enough to help patients manage their psychological symptoms. If psychological symptoms persist or interfere with daily life, psychotherapy or other options may be helpful in this difficult situation.

The experts who make up our Health and Recovery Services team are experienced in the treatment of cancer patients. The multidisciplinary team strives to find individual solutions for all the health-related challenges the patient may be experiencing. The physician treating you will be able to provide a referral for some of the services. An expert in cancer recovery will help you to draw up a health and wellness plan for your specific needs.

Patients with cancer often need support because of changes in physical performance or sensory deficiencies and aesthetic issues. There may be changes in sexual function or mental performance. Psychosocial support is also an important aspect of recovery from cancer. It is important to think about rehabilitation as early as possible, preferably even before the cancer treatment starts. Rehabilitation should be seamlessly integrated into the treatment process and continue during follow-up.

The Health and Recovery Services at Docrates Cancer Center treat the person as a whole. Treatment goals are determined individually together with the patient, depending on the patient’s problems and preferences. There are many ways in which the patient can actively participate during cancer treatment. A goal-oriented attitude gives cancer patients more scope to influence their own well-being, health and quality of life.

The experts at Docrates are ready to help and support cancer patients and their families during difficult times.

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