International cooperation

Docrates Cancer Center cooperates with Cancer Expert Now (CEN), a U.S.-based network of leading cancer treatment experts. As a result of the co-operation patients may seek help from a Docrates specialist, and the specialist will consult a top international expert regarding the patient's care.

The partnership provides Docrates Cancer Center unlimited access to Noetic™, an online, rapid, text-centric messaging platform, and Noetic Live™ a virtual face-to-face communication platform. The Cancer Expert Now Noetic™ service is a proprietary and secure platform that allows Docrates and Cancer Expert Now physicians to exchange messages, files, images and other information. Both platforms connect the oncologists at Docrates to a network of more than 70 leading oncologists from prestigious institutions across the United States.

Frequently physicians and patients can choose between several treatment alternatives, and in the treatment of advanced cancer there are situations where the treatments have been unsuccessful in stemming the advance of cancer. In these situations, where the patient is in good condition, and motivated to continue treatment, a discussion with another expert may be beneficial. At Docrates, physicians can now organize yet another opinion through the Cancer Expert Now network.

This service enables the rapid arrangement of a consultation with a cancer expert in the patient’s own mother tongue, without traveling. If necessary, additional examinations and the treatment can also be arranged at Docrates Cancer Center. The collaboration also means that the CEN network of experts can guide patients from other countries to Docrates for examinations or treatment, when traveling to the United States is not appropriate. Some of the doctors at Docrates are also associated with the network within their own area of expertise.

How does it work?

The information and relevant imaging materials are transferred to the international expert electronically via Cancer Expert Now, a secure and encrypted platform. The international expert discusses the information and gives his opinion with the physician at Docrates over a telephone- or video connection on the Cancer Expert Now platform.  If interested, the patient and/or his/her relative can participate in the discussion. After the collaboration between the Docrates specialists and the international expert a summary including recommendations for examinations and treatments will be generated. When the recommendation is ready a new appointment is arranged for the patient with the treating specialist at Docrates. In some circumstances, the discussion can also be done only in writing.

How much does it cost?

The cost of this service consists of:

  1. The fee to Cancer Expert Now for the expert´s time
  2. Docrates specialist´s appointments before and after the consultation (usually about 60 min. appointment)
  3. The time spent by the physician at Docrates for the discussion with the expert
  4. A fee for the time to write a summary in English (hourly-based, usually about 1,5 h)
  5. Potential examinations before the consultation
For more information on the possibility of consulting an international expert, please contact +358 10 773 2020.

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