Surgical treatment of cancer

Surgery is the first-line treatment for the majority of localized solid tumors. During surgery, some healthy tissue surrounding the tumor is also removed to prevent local cancer recurrence. Surgical treatment is always tailored individually.


Docrates Cancer Center’s treatment path covers the entire cancer treatment chain ranging from diagnostics to follow-up after the treatments. Docrates’ partners in surgical care are Aava Medical CentreHelsinki Hospital, Terveystalo, HYKSin and Tampereen Sydänsairaala.

Surgical treatment for prostate cancer

In recent years, surgical treatment for prostate cancer has become less and less invasive along with the introduction of minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques. Recently, robotic surgery in particular has rapidly gained popularity in both the USA and Europe. Robotic surgery involves less bleeding and allows precise suturing, a speedy recovery, a short hospital stay and a shorter sickness leave.

High-risk prostate cancer is increasingly treated by a combination of methods, planned and carried out by specialist surgeons and specialists in radiotherapy. Rapid technical development has made radiotherapy a good option, sometimes even the treatment of choice, for local or locally advanced prostate cancer.

Other urological cancers such as kidney (renal) cancer and bladder cancer are primarily treated by surgery.

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Surgical treatment for breast cancer

Breast cancer is usually treated by surgery combined with external radiotherapy and chemotherapy if required.

In oncoplastic breast cancer surgery, the breast is reconstructed during breast-saving surgery so that the breast is as similar in shape as before the surgery. At Docrates Cancer Center, about 83 % of patients who have undergone breast-saving surgery have also undergone oncoplastic reconstruction. With the help of oncoplastic breast-saving cancer surgery it is possible to achieve good results both functionally and aesthetically.

If the entire breast is removed during the surgery (= mastectomy), it can often be done so that the skin is spared. The entire breast reconstruction surgery can be done either at the same time as the breast is removed or later, in which case the reconstruction surgery does not delay the start of other cancer treatments.

At Docrates Cancer Center all the breast cancer surgeries are performed by leading plastic surgeons specialized in cancer surgery, or by cancer surgeons specialized in plastic surgery. The patient will meet both the surgeon and an oncologist before the surgery. The entire breast cancer care team, doctors and nurses, work closely together. Diagnostics and medical equipment are also located under the same roof. For the patient, this means smooth, fast, safe and effective cancer treatment.

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