The treatment of prostate cancer is always planned on an individual basis, depending of the nature of the disease. The choice of treatment depends on possible other diseases, any evidence of high-risk prostate cancer, the results of staging and, naturally, the patient’s own preferences.

Localised prostate cancer can be cured with radiotherapy or surgery. Depending on the nature of the cancer, radiotherapy can be customised in a number of ways. External radiotherapy provides many techniques to choose from, and brachytherapy (internal radiotherapy) is also an option. In aggressive cancers, best results are probably achieved by combining external radiotherapy with high-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy. Depending on the risk factors, radiotherapy can also be combined with hormonal therapy.

Patients receiving prostate cancer treatment are recommended to see a urotherapist or physiotherapist or a specialist in areas such as nutrition and sexual therapy. They can provide home care instructions related to, for example, recovery-promoting exercises and general well-being.

Docrates operates also in the field of clinical drug studies. We have participated in 30 different clinical drug trials so far.

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