Docrates Cancer Center utilizes knowledge of the human genotype in its treatments. Gene profiling enables targeted cancer care and reduces unnecessary treatments as well as side effects for the patient. Docrates uses several targeted gene profiling tests that through accurate molecular profiling of the tumor help finding biological medication alternatives worth trying. It also helps to eliminate drugs which in all probability would not help.

Tests are done by either from a tissue sample or as a blood test. Based on these tests accurate, personal genetic information is obtained. That enables the choise the most optimal and effective medication. Gene profiling enables the choice of the right medication, and treatment can be planned individually, humanely and efficiently. Also, changes in molecular pathology help in the diagnosis and follow-up of the disease.

As targeted treatments and medicines develop genetic information becomes even more important. A genetic test will tell which medicine has the highest probability of having effect on that person’s cancer individually. Our clinical experts will help to define when gene profiling could be useful.

Docrates is at the forefront of utilizing gene profiling in cancer care.

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