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Docrates Cancer Center expands its hospital in Helsinki

26.6.2023 Categories: Press releases
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June 26, 2023 | Docrates Cancer Center has decided to invest in a considerable expansion of its facilities in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki. Spanning more than 800 square metres, the extension to the property will be transformed into hospital facilities. Work has now begun, and the facilities are expected be completed by the end of September.

The Finnish, privately owned Docrates Cancer Center has decided to invest in an expansion of its operations in Finland. The company’s revenue and clientele have continued to grow year after year, and Docrates now needs to expand in order to keep its customer promise: prompt and individualised cancer diagnostics and treatment.

“The extension will have more space, especially for diagnostics, such as new facilities for endoscopic examination related to pathology and colorectal cancers. The facilities of Docrates were originally designed specifically for the treatment of cancer patients. We want to continue to invest in this, and we have involved our personnel in the design phase. In this way, we can achieve highly functional and practical facilities for individual cancer treatment,” says Harri Puurunen, founding member and Chief Development Officer of Docrates Cancer Center.

With the expansion of the facilities, Docrates is also looking for new specialists, such as oncologists.

“As demand increases, we will recruit more staff. Last year, our revenue increased by 14%, of which up to 30 per cent came from our foreign customers. This growth has been driven by factors such as an ageing and increasingly prosperous population and increased reliance on health insurance. Our clinic in Sweden, in particular, has seen a flux of foreign customers,” says Ilpo Tolonen, CEO of Docrates.

Docrates has operated in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki for over 15 years

“We have been operating in Finland for over 15 years. We receive a lot of patients from abroad every year. In the future, we plan to increasingly direct our operations abroad, such as Sweden. Since 2019, we have run a consultation clinic in Stockholm for Swedish patients,” says Tolonen. 

For more information, please contact:

Ilpo Tolonen, CEO, Docrates Cancer Center
Tel. +358 50 500 1880,

Anna-Sofia Malmi, Marketing and Communications Director, Docrates Cancer Center
Tel. +358 50 4690 114,

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