Why have our patients chosen Docrates Cancer Center?

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There are as many reasons to choose a private cancer hospital as there are people. We compiled the reasons most commonly reported by our patients.

Despite of the possible travel restrictions, it is allowed to come to Finland and Docrates for cancer treatment. Please ask more, our booking team will gladly help you with all the questions.

1. Quick access

Quick access to examinations and treatment is one of the most important reasons why our patients choose private cancer treatment. Quick action reduces the risk of the cancer spreading as well as the mental suffering caused by waiting. This is why being able to access examinations and treatment as quickly as possible is important and humane if cancer is suspected or has already been diagnosed.

2. Respect, care, humane treatment and flexibility

Our patients choose Docrates because they feel that they receive humane, kind, flexible and personal service from us. They feel that they are valued and respected, their concerns are taken seriously, they are listened to and they are given time. At Docrates, every patient will have their own designated doctor and care team that knows the patient and their situation well. The patient’s own designated nurse takes care of the patient throughout the treatment path and monitors the patient’s condition with the Kaiku Health symptom monitoring application. We also take the patient’s work and family situation into account at our hospital.

3. World-class competence and technology

Many choose us because we have world-class competence and use world-class technology in cancer treatment and diagnostics. Docrates Cancer Center employs dozens of cancer treatment and diagnostics experts whose extensive experience and expertise is used to help our patients.

We take advantage of the latest technology and all the possibilities offered by it in treatment and diagnostics. We invest in accurate imaging and the latest diagnostic examinations because this is the only way we can know exactly what kind of cancer we are dealing with and where the cancer it located. We need this information in order to be able to choose the most effective and suitable treatments and achieve the best possible treatment result.

4. Pioneering and individual care

One reason to choose Docrates is that our services include diagnostic and treatment methods that are not routinely used – or used at all – elsewhere. Methods such as molecular profiling are already routinely used at our hospital. With molecular profiling, we can find highly selective drugs that are suitable for a specific type of cancer and avoid unnecessary treatments, which leads to more individual cancer treatment. We take advantage of the latest research in our treatments and use the latest diagnostics to perform thorough examinations before the start of treatment, which guarantees that there is always strong justification for the treatment we provide. Our patients also have the opportunity to take part in clinical drug trials.

5. Commitment to the patient

One important reason to choose Docrates Cancer Center is its commitment to the patient. This means that the patient can trust our care team to do everything they can for the patient and take responsibility for providing the best possible treatment for the patient. When faced with a challenge, we leave no stone unturned. If needed, our doctors are able to take measures such as consulting international cancer experts via the Cancer Expert Now (CEN) expert network. The CEN expert network has over 70 leading American experts representing different areas of cancer treatment.

6. Comprehensive treatment

Investment in the patient’s comprehensive treatment and well-being is one reason to choose private cancer treatment. We pay special attention to quality of life both during and after treatment. Our treatments include methods for preventing or reducing side effects. We also actively offer support services that promote rehabilitation and well-being, such as physiotherapy, psychotherapy, nutritional counselling, pain relief and sex therapy. Our goal is that our patients can feel as well as possible, regardless of their cancer and treatments.

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