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Kari Syvänen

Specialist in Urology
M.D., Ph.D. FEBU

I graduated as a urologist in 2012, and my work has focused on the treatment of urological cancers. The urologist’s work includes in particular the diagnostics of urological cancers, treatment in cooperation with oncologists and post-treatment follow-up.

I treat both male and female patients. You can come to my practice if you think you may have urological cancer or you want a second opinion on a treatment plan, or for follow-up after cancer treatment. Through my research, I am particularly familiar with the diagnostics of prostate cancer and new drug treatments for advanced prostate cancer. I am also happy to help you with symptoms that reduce your quality of life after treatment for a urological cancer. I also treat benign urological diseases.

I will take time to familiarise myself with your situation even before the appointment, and my goal is for the appointment to be calm and unhurried. I always try to avoid using difficult medical terms when talking to my patients so that I can communicate things clearly. Your loved ones are also welcome to accompany you to the appointment if you so wish. Due to the nature of urological diseases, it is easiest to carry out appointments in person here in Helsinki, at least for the first appointment.

Appointments can be booked from our customer service  Tel. +358 10 773 2010.


Finnish, English, Swedish


Adjunct Professor in Urology, University of Turku, 13.2.2020
Ph.D., University of Turku , 16.10.2012
Specialist in Urology, University of Turku , 31.1.2012
M.D., University of Turku, 25.5.2004

Work history

  • Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea), Coordinating Senior Medical Officer, 1 September 2023– (continues)
  • Turku University Hospital, Head of Department, 25 February 2019–31 August 2023 (on leave)
  • Turku University Hospital, Urologist, 31 January 2012–25 February 2019
  • Patient Insurance Centre, External Expert Physician, 1 January 2019– (continues)
  • Turku University Hospital, Trainee Urologist, 6 July 2009–31 January 2012
  • Mehiläinen, Turku, Private Practitioner, 1 April 2011–31 December 2022
  • Pihlajalinna, Turku, Private Practitioner, 1 January 2019– (continues)
  • Pori City Hospital, Specialising Physician, surgery, 1 September 2007–31 December 2007
  • Satakunta Central Hospital, Pori, Specialising Physician, surgery, 4 September 2006–5 July 2009
  • Loimaa Hospital, Specialising Physician, surgery, 3 May 2004–4 July 2004
  • Loimaa Health Centre, Health Centre Physician, 1 August 2005–13 August 2006

Scientific activities

  • My research work has mainly focused on clinical trials related to urological cancers.
  • The focus of the academic research has particularly been on the use of MRI in the diagnostics of prostate cancer.
  • I have been involved in research funded by the pharmaceutical industry since 2013. The majority of the research has focused on the development of new drug treatments for metastatic prostate cancer. In addition, I have participated in individual studies on the treatment of kidney and bladder cancer.
  • 30 peer-reviewed original publications.
  • Five peer-reviewed review articles.
  • In addition, as an author, I contributed to the sections on urological cancers in Duodecim’s Kirurgian oppikirja surgery textbook. I also produced information for patients about benign diseases of the scrotum for the Health Village’s “house for men” and about testicular cancer for the “cancer house”.
  • I have acted as a doctoral thesis supervisor in the following study: Magneettitutkimuksen merkitys eturauhassyövän diagnostiikassa ja leikkauksen suunnittelussa sekä eturauhassyövän diagnostiikkaan liittyvät infektiokomplikaatiot ja niiden ehkäisy (University of Turku, 2020).