Sonja Snygg

Bachelor of Health Care, Physiotherapist


Cancer patient rehabilitation, physiotherapeutic treatment of pain, scar treatment, musculoskeletal disorder rehabilitation and postoperative rehabilitation


Physiotherapy services for cancer patients at Docrates Cancer Center include the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, the treatment of functional disorders, rehabilitation, counselling and guidance. The methods applied include therapeutic exercises, manual therapy and physical treatment. The genuine presence of a human being, patient-oriented approach and the setting and defining of individual goals and plans together with the customer are important aspects of my work.


Finnish, English, Swedish, German

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Graduated as a physiotherapist in 1993 and completed a degree in Bachelor of Health Care, Physiotherapist in 2010.

Key further training includes, for example, specialisation studies in psychophysical physiotherapy, neurological training (e.g. Bobath and non-verbal guidance through physical sensation), acupuncture training, scar and fascia manipulation training and musculoskeletal system training. Other further training includes LymphaTouch vacuum therapy, 6D and kinesiology taping and extreme cold cryotherapy training.

Work history

  • Docrates Cancer Center 2015–2017 and 2020– (musculoskeletal system disorders, post-cancer rehabilitation, musculoskeletal system disorders)
  • Aava Kamppi 2015- (work ability management rehabilitation, musculoskeletal system disorders, post-breast cancer rehabilitation)
  • Helsinki Hospital 2016–2022 (musculoskeletal system disorders, pain rehabilitation, postoperative rehabilitation)
  • Validia 2015–2016 (neurological rehabilitation)
  • HUS Neurology Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinic 2010 (Stroke rehabilitation, physical activity and functional capacity assessments)
  • Orton Rehabilitation 2000–2015 (neurological, burn injury and pain rehabilitation, rehabilitation patients with multiple disorders, lower limb amputations, adaptation training courses and rehabilitation of patients with severe disabilities)
  • Kurbad in Lohhof (Germany)1997–1998 (musculoskeletal system disorders, athletes and rehabilitation patients with multiple disorders)
  • Laakso Hospital 1995–1996 (neurological and posttraumatic rehabilitation patients, postoperative rehabilitation)
  • Oulunkylä rehabilitation center 1993 (geriatric, neurological and musculoskeletal system disorder rehabilitation)