Akseli Hemminki

Specialist in Medical Oncology and Radiotherapy
M.D., Ph.D., Adj.Prof., Assoc.Prof.


Immuno-oncological treatments, treatment of different types of cancer, individual drug sensitivity assessments. For example rare cancers, melanoma, ovarian cancer, bladder and urinary tract cancers, lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, gastrointestinal cancers and cancers of internal organs. All solid cancer types i.e. other than hematological cancers.


Receiving adult patients with a cancer diagnosis or suspicion of cancer. Treatment planning, implementation and follow-up. Assessing patient suitability for immuno-oncological treatments. International clinical research trial applications.


Finnish, English

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Akseli Hemminki, a specialist in cancer and radiotherapy, has had his practice at Docrates Cancer Center since 2007, when the hospital was established. Hemminki sees adult patients with any type of cancer except hematological cancers (leukemia and lymphoma). His special interests include: melanoma, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, gastrointestinal and visceral cancers, lung cancer and kidney cancer.

In addition to the practice, Hemminki is Professor of Cancer at the University of Helsinki and managing director of a biotechnology company developing cancer immunotherapy. Due to Hemminki’s substantial achievements as a researcher and expertise in clinical trials, he has been responsible for the trial search service at Docrates, which seeks clinical trials from international databases for interested patients. Clinical trials may offer cancer patients access to experimental treatment in situations where routine therapies have failed or have been used. If no suitable trial can be found in Finland, they are often found in Europe, the U.S. or Asia.

Hemminki is a caring doctor who is ready to fight for his patients to get the best treatment possible, either in Finland or elsewhere. If the disease is not curable by routine treatment, the patient should have the right to consider experimental medical treatment. Hemming’s guiding motto in patient work is that cancer treatment, diagnosis and monitoring should be tailored for each patient individually.

Hemminki has a wife and three school-age children, and he spends his free time jogging, skiing, camping, and completing his eMBA studies. Hemmiki, who has worked for over 25 years in cancer research, clinical trials, experimental treatments and clinical work as an oncologist in Finland and the U.S., has received numerous awards in Finland and abroad for innovative cancer therapies, including “The Outstanding Young Person of the World” of JCI International.


Associate Professor in Oncology
Adjunct Professor in Cancer Biology
Specialist in Medical Oncology and Radiotherapy

Work history

  • University of Helsinki, Associate Professor in Oncology 2015-
  • Docrates Cancer Center, Specialist in Oncology 2007-
  • University of Helsinki, Head of Research 2002-
  • HUCH Department of Oncology, Physician/Head of Department, 2003-2007, 2015-2017
  • Finnish Cancer Institute Foundation, Research Professor 2007-2013

Scientific activities

Akseli Hemminki's research team studies cancer immunotherapy, especially oncolytic immunotherapy. The laboratory studies are aimed at clinical trials for cancer patients. More than 320 cancer patients have been treated with the oncolytical viruses developed by the research team. The viruses have been studied in four clinical trials and one experimental treatment program.