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Jari Viinikainen

Specialist in Plastic Surgery

At Docrates, I treat breast cancer and skin cancer patients. I also perform aesthetic plastic surgery and minor surgical procedures, such as the removal of moles and lumps.

I have more than 10 years of experience in oncoplastic breast cancer surgery. Carefully planned and executed breast cancer surgery means safety and a quick recovery for the patient. I also pay attention to the aesthetic end result.

In patient encounters, sympathetic interaction is especially important to me. I want to establish a trusting patient-doctor relationship where the patient knows that they are in safe hands. I always assess the patient’s situation from many points of view: medical, cancer surgery and human. The final treatment decision is always made together with the patient. I perform the procedures and surgeries at Aava Medical Centre.

Appointments can be booked from our customer service  Tel. +358 10 773 2010.


Finnish, English


Specialist in Plastic Surgery, University of Helsinki 2011
M.D., University of Turku 2003

Work history

  • Docrates Cancer Center, Specialist in Plastic Surgery 2014–
  • Hospital Siluetti, Specialist in Plastic Surgery 2013–2014
  • HUH, Breast Surgery Unit, Specialist in Plastic Surgery 2012–2013
  • HUH Jorvi Hospital, Specialist in Plastic Surgery 2011–2012
  • HUH Töölö Hospital, Specialising Physician 2007–2011
  • Satakunta Central Hospital, Specialising Surgeon 2004–2007


Jari Viinikainen is an uncompromisingly accurate and technically skilled plastic and breast cancer surgeon. Interest in the functioning of the human body and handcraft skills learned from his father, a silversmith, led Viinikainen to medicine and surgery. Viinikainen regards the work of a surgeon as a craft profession, where a good result is a matter of honour to the author. Carefully designed and executed breast cancer surgery means safety and rapid recovery for the patient. Plastic surgery methods give the surgeon good tools for treating cancer. A beautiful cut is often important to a woman’s self-esteem. The aesthetic outcome is also important for the overall healing of the breast cancer patient.

Viinikainen graduated as a doctor from the University of Turku in 2003. He completed the major part of his surgery specialisation studies at Satakunta Central Hospital in Pori and a specialisation at Töölö Hospital in Helsinki. After graduating as a specialist in plastic surgery in 2011, Viinikainen worked at Jorvi Hospital as the Physician In Charge of plastic surgery patients in intensive care and deepened his expertise in breast reconstruction and microsurgery. Between 2012 and 2013, Viinikainen worked as a plastic surgeon in the Helsinki University Hospital Breast Surgery Unit for oncoplastic breast cancer surgery and immediate prosthetic reconstruction.

In the spring of 2013, Viinikainen was offered the opportunity to work full-time on aesthetic surgery at Siluetti Hospital and develop the skills of this essential part of plastic surgery. When learning something new, he got the idea to combine aesthetic expertise with breast cancer surgery. And not long after, Viinikainen founded a breast cancer surgery unit in Siluetti. This collaboration between Docrates Cancer Center and Siluetti Hospital was announced in the summer of 2013. Today, Viinikainen is working full-time on breast cancer at Docrates Cancer Center and performs surgery operations at Aava Kamppi Medical Centre.

At Docrates, doctors and nurses work closely together and the care team remains the same throughout the care path. This ensures smooth, fast, safe and effective treatment and takes into account the individual needs of the patient. Viinikainen believes that the strong expertise of Docrates’ care staff, teamwork and the ability to consult with the top specialists of the field are exceptional in the private sector. In his view, exceptional is also the way to care for a patient, which is deeply rooted in Docrates’ culture.

Viinikainen believes that sensitive interaction in the practice is very important. Surgery is always a big deal and requires mutual trust. Viinikainen assesses the patient’s situation from many points of view: medical, cancer surgery and human. There are usually several options for surgery, each with its own pros and cons. In his opinion, time should be reserved to “interpret” the patient so that the surgeon can recommend the best treatment to the patient. However, the final treatment decision is always made together. In Viinikainen’s opinion, we have already passed the time when a surgeon treated only cancer – now a person is treated as a whole.

However, breast cancer surgery is not a one man show, but requires the input of several professionals. Smooth breast cancer surgery requires organisation, accuracy and responsibility, which is why Viinikainen has assembled his surgery team in Aava Hospital himself. Viinikainen says he is very happy with the team’s activities: good motivation and a relaxed work environment create the ideal conditions for surgery.

Viinikainen is approachable, reliable – and serious. Surgery is not a hobby for him, but he is enthusiastic about his job and wants to move things forward. He is constantly researching his own work and analysing and improving his performance. He follows developments in his field and goes to trainings, and he always strives for absolute precision, perfectionism. Viinikainen gets along well with a variety of people and is open-minded. He does not get nervous or take offence; he also understands that the patient may take out his or her fear and anxiety on the doctor.

As a counterbalance to all this, he needs his own time. For Viinikainen it means sports: cross-country skiing, running, biking and hiking. Music is also an important way to relax for Viinikainen. Music lifts a person above everyday life and thereby helps to improve performance. In particular, Verdi’s and Mozart’s operas are close to Viinikainen’s heart, and now his four-year-old son shares his love for the opera. The newest object of passion is yoga, which opens the body as well as the mind and physically and mentally bends the person. Viinikainen’s motto is: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – One can only develop by crossing his own limits. And Viinikainen is not afraid to get out of his comfort zone.