Jukka Kemppainen

Nuclear medicine

Chief Physician, Nuclear Medicine
Specialist in Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine
M.D., Ph.D., Adj. Prof.


PET-CT and SPECT-CT imaging, cancers, especially prostate cancer. Additionally, inflammation imaging and endocrinological, neurological and cardiological imaging.


Interpretation of isotope and PET images: e.g. cancer staging, assessment of response to therapy, verification of disease recurrence, imaging in preparation of radiotherapy and locating the unknown primary tumor. Also, isotope treatments and their follow-up.


Finnish, Swedish, English

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Work history

  • Docrates Cancer Center, Chief Physician, Nuclear Medicine 2018-
  • Turku University Hospital PET Centre, Head of Department
  • University of Turku, Subject Responsible, Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine, Associate Professor/Clinical Teacher

Scientific activities

Jukka Kemppainen's recent research has focused on the clinical applications of PET imaging in disease diagnostics. His main interests reside in the development of new PET imaging tracers for prostate cancer and PET diagnostics.

Memberships and positions of trust

Finnish Society of Nuclear Medicine, Chairman
Scandinavian Society of Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine (SSCPNM), Finnish Representative