Olga Maslennikova


Specialist in Medical Oncology


Finnish, English, Russian

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Specialist in Medical Oncology Olga Maslennikova has a strong clinical experience in medical oncology and general oncology as well as in internal medicine. Olga’s special expertise includes, for example, chemotherapy and the treatment of kidney cancer, thyroid cancer and abdominal cancers.

Olga has worked for more than ten years as a doctor in various tasks. After graduation, she has worked first as a health centre doctor and then as a specialising internal medicine and cancer physician at Tampere University Hospital’s cancer clinic. At Pirkanmaa Cancer Association, Olga worked as a specialist and medical researcher with screening examinations which were annually performed for healthy women who have a high risk of contracting breast cancer due to genetic factors. Olga came to work for Docrates in 2021, after working as a specialist in oncology at Kanta-Häme Central Hospital between 2018–2021.

Olga wanted to specialise in oncology to be able to see the rapid progress of cancer treatments at first hand and constantly learn new things. Olga believes that oncology is a specialty which offers endless challenges.

According to Olga, it is rewarding as an oncologist to receive feedback from patients and get the feeling that you can truly help them. During an appointment, it is important to be able to offer time and appropriate information for the patient. Discussions with the patient calm them down and make them feel better in the demanding situation. As a doctor, Olga wants to create a safe and open environment during the appointment so that the patients can receive all the information and support they need.

In her work at Docrates, Olga has a grandstand view of cancer treatment development and, above all, she can start using the latest treatment methods quickly in her work. Olga considers it to be important that the Docrates physicians have time for their patients and the opportunity to get to know the unique situation of each patient. This enables the preparation of an individual treatment plan for each patient and the patients’ wishes can be taken into consideration.