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Susan Ramadan

Specialist in Medical Oncology

I specialise in treating lung cancer, brain tumor, prostate cancer and breast cancer patients. In addition, my special expertise also includes radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

You can come to my practice with either a cancer diagnosis or a suspicion of cancer. I am also happy to receive follow-up patients.
I want to give my patients the time and opportunity to have an open discussion about different treatment options. I give my patients a thorough explanation of their situation. In my work with patients, it is important for me to create a calm and humane encounter.

You can also book a remote appointment with me, and loved ones are welcome to accompany you to the appointment.

Appointments can be booked from our customer service  tel. +358 10 773 2010.


Finnish, Swedish, English


Specialist in Medical Oncology, University of Turku 2012
M.D., University of Tampere 2005

Work history

  • Docrates Cancer Center, Specialist in Medical Oncology 2021–
  • Turku University Hospital (TAYS), Specialist in radiotherapy 2007–2020

Memberships and positions of trust

Member of Finnish Melanoma Association (Suomen Melanoomaryhmä)
Secretary of Finnish Melanoma Association (Suomen Melanoomaryhmä) 2011–2015

Scientific activities

Doctoral thesis in progress at University of Turku


Susan Ramadan has worked as an oncologist at Docrates Cancer Center since 2021. Prior to joining Docrates, Susan was a specialising radiotherapy physician and, subsequently, a specialist in radiotherapy at the Turku University Hospital from 2007 to 2020. Susan’s special areas of expertise include, for example, radiotherapy for cancer, especially stereotactic radiotherapy for the lungs. At Docrates, Susan treats radiotherapy patients, breast cancer patients, lung cancer patients, mesothelioma patients and prostate cancer patients.

Susan ended up in oncology through a series of coincidences. From the outset, it was clear to her that she wanted to work with seriously ill people and, as a doctor, to offer all the possible help and support to the patient in a difficult life situation.

Patient interactions are particularly important in the treatment of cancer. For Susan, the most important thing in patient interactions is to listen to the patient, taking into account any fears and wishes that they may have. Susan also feels that it is important that she, as a doctor, is able to provide her patients with the relevant information and a thorough explanation of their situation. She also stresses the importance of open discussion on the different treatment options. Susan hopes to offer her patients peaceful, human interaction and hope in a difficult situation.

In her work at Docrates, Susan appreciates the fact that there’s always time for the patient. Immediate action is also important from the doctor’s point of view. When examinations and tests can be carried out quickly, the treatment can start on a quick schedule and the patient does not have to wait and worry. Susan also greatly values her colleagues and the hospital’s entire medical staff, who treat patients with empathy. Susan also feels that it is important to be able to work in an environment where operations are constantly being developed and people are interested in the latest treatment methods. At Docrates, she can also influence her own work. These conditions also make it possible for the patient to receive all the help they need.

The most rewarding thing about working as an oncologist for Susan is that she can give the patient all the time they need and, consequently, the best possible treatment. In long patient relationships, trust is important, and Susan feels that creating a climate of trust is also rewarding. Successful treatments and the desired outcomes also make the work meaningful.

Susan keeps her professional skills up to date, for example, by reading literature relevant to the industry and professional magazines. In addition to her own specialty, oncology, she is also interested in, for example, radiology and eye diseases. Susan balances her demanding work with crafts, friends and outdoor activities in her free time. Music is also close to her heart.